The Apartment, a Historic Structure Combined with Avant-Garde Design Elements

The apartment Vessels is a complete renovation of an apartment in the historic centre of Barcelona, you will not miss you if I say that I like especially that its name is inspired by the physical concept of the communicating vessels… Renewal exposes and at the same time protects the historical structural tissue and gives the space designs custom and introduces a system of lighting with low energy consumption, the Lighting Carpets, which illuminate while they zonifican the different uses of the property. The apartment has been awarded the Global Excellence Awards 2012 IIDA.

The renewal of this apartment is a work of TC-Interiors company founded in 1973 by Roberto González and currently led by the architect Víctor González and the Interior Designer Carmen Martí, working together with a full team Builder. They are specialized in domestic and commercial interior renovations. Dialogue with the customer and the analysis of their concerns, needs and ideas is fundamental for them and always take into account the energy savings, the durability and sustainability of materials and the use of local resources.

Layout of spaces responds to the desire of the customer dispose of a space open and Kingdom in which to benefit from natural light from first thing in the morning up to last evening. For this reason all existing partitions were torn down and the side façade windows expanded. The only closed Department built from scratch is the core, including the guest room and service areas, leaving the rest of the open space.

In the rest of the House you will find an uninterrupted sequence of applications, The Communicating Vessels, an open space that runs without hindrance from the area at night, dressing room and bathroom, kitchen, library and living room. No door along this space, with the exception of one which indicates the threshold can be perceived between private and public, while allowing a greater energy saving during the night.

As we can see in the images, each use is indicated by a Lighting Carpet, a personalized and highly effective lighting system. Analogous to the use of a traditional rug, These carpets of light, They provide warmth and demarcate areas within an open space. This has been avoided the common clutter of lights and has achieved better control of quality and quantity of light.

Each structure incorporates three types of LED light. First there is light from the ceiling to emphasize the construction and secondly the diffuse, below, to provide a homogeneous and stable light base. Finally there is the punctual illumination to highlight elements within a space, even on walls, and to provide the necessary power in desks, reading areas, or kitchen.

The different areas are also indicated by pieces of furniture fixed, mainly personalized, or special finishes that provide atmospheres of contrast. The library, with a plinth in arch, is in constant dialogue with the eclectic Coliseum Theatre, whose monumental figure is filtered through the window. Through a glass, placed in the basement, is allowed to see the sculptures of the turret of the theater, which otherwise could not be observed with the naked eye from the inside of the housing.

The the master bedroom Gallery has been transformed into a green relaxation area, where a wood flooring incorporates a tub surrounded by plants, with a mirror and bathed by the Sun. It’s a simple, well connected space with nature and where he has been a very relaxing atmosphere.

It should be noted that all electrical installations, have been superimposed to the original structure without damaging it and the air conditioning has divided into sectors for maximum comfort and energy savings. In addition all of the wood is certified, Manolito & Manolita, a local furniture and lighting design firm has been responsible for the development of unique and custom parts for this housing.

In the image above we see as the depth and darkness, surround the bathing area, the essential feeling of a rock. I must say that to me is what less like me, just find it me too dark and in the bathing area, I prefer more clarity.

Altogether, the building offers a rich historic past, as It has been rebuilt several times After its partial collapse by the bombardment of 1938, during the Spanish Civil War. Trying to reconstruct its history, took the decision to let each and every one of the layers of wall and ceiling in order to discover any evidence of what we appreciate in some old photographs and let itself view the work of a wall that perfectly describes as it was and as it was reconstructed.