The Bohemian Style of Decorating

The bohemian, Bohemian style or boho was born of a mix of hippie chic prints with romantic touch, which refers to the 70. But the origin of the word comes from Bohemia, a historical region of Central Europe. There, the inhabitants were known to be against the strict rules imposed by society. It was from this that the word Bohemian came to be used to define those who go against the rules and prefer to live life the way they want. This premise, applied decoration, yielded good fruit.



In the world of decoration, the term suggests a unstructured style, no rules andno combinations. The idea is to create a harmonic mix of patterns and styles, mainly between the romantic, vintage and the hippie. These mixes turn out to makethe absolutely original, custom decor and daring. In addition, the boho decor is democratic, perfect for those who can not choose items of a single style in time to set up an environment.



Colors are indispensable in any decor with this theme, is applied on walls, furniture, or even decorative accessories, where merger and contrast are the two key words. For those who own antique that for some reason are not being used, thisis the kind of ideal decoration to bring them back. Wood cabinets, beds and other iron objects can and should be included, have an undisputable charm of antiquity, everything to do with the Bohemian style of being.



The tone of the colours also plays a key role. Abuse of living and bright shades like Fuchsia, turquoise, white, red or magenta, that combine well with curtains and light walls. Another tip is to swap the chairs by Ottomans. The Peruvian styleMorrocan, oriental and are perfect for composing the visual.



It is important to remember that the boho style is characterized by your air stripped, where there’s no room for empty spaces, either on the floor or on the walls.Thus, Valley fill the room with pillows, decorative items, blankets and rugs with animal print candles and candlesticks. Like we talked about earlier, the style is free and requires no concerns nor rules, the important thing is the wide variety ofmaterials and colors.



Last but not least: Bohemian-inspired décor must come filled with memories. The furniture and accessories should tell a story or carry memories of good times spent. So, pictures and frames must also have a space especially designed them.