The Bugs are out in Decorating

Friendly, funny, cute or wild, no matter. Details in the shape of animals invaded once decorating environments, appearing in table legs, handles, prints and even as structure for beautiful furniture. So irreverent, the choice for an object with strokes that resemble animals can also be full of meanings.



The representations of this style are part of some ancient traditions, where it is believed that such decorative pieces are able to send positive vibes. In wood, ceramics, bronze, stones or in numerous other materials, they symbolize the energy forces characteristics of each animal.




The classic elephant turned to the door is a good example. Associated with prosperity and wealth, the decorative object in the form of this impressive mammal must be prepared like you’re coming home, as well as what we’d like to attract. Just get ready for the fresh new change in your house.


The Nice hanger stamped with the face of a Bulldog to dishes cute illustrated with puppies, the animal world there are inspiring and creative designers come times of the most different styles. How about decorating the room with a table trimmed by a bear so much or so open a wine with a corkscrew shaped sheep?

In today’s post, we bring a charming selection of decorative objects in an atmosphere for those who wish to change the look of the House. With these inspiration you can totally leave her with more lightness and good humor.


Get inspired:




In the living room






In the details




On the Bookshelf



The more colorful and fun, the better!