The Mansion of Michael Jordan in Chicago

If you are thinking about moving you, and walk on the hunt for the perfect House, you maybe want to see the mansion of Michael Jordan in Chicago that is on sale for just over 21 million euros and has an extension of more than five thousand square meters. The House of the famous basketball player has nine rooms, fifteen bathrooms, several living rooms and even a basketball court intended… to say nothing of the gardens.

The Basketball theme is present in the home, beginning with the number ’23’ is integrated in the front door and you can see in the photos above. The House style is very personal and has nothing to do with these horrific and impersonal homes of famous which appear all the same, I bet that many of the rooms will you love.

It is clear that the Foreign of this House are spectacular, are meters and meters of gardens where stroll and take the Sun and of course swimming pool to enjoy it when it’s nice weather. The House is very well integrated into the natural environment that surrounds it and communicates with the gardens through large windows.

The House has several seating areas, which we see in the photo above communicates with the dining area you can see to the left and this is a huge skylight that it flooded the whole area of great clarity. The white on the walls and the absence of separators between environments make this clarity to multiply.

Between different living rooms there are some designed for specific applications, for example the movie theatre It has everything you need to enjoy a great visual experience or the piano, enjoying a moment of live music. All of them decorated in a different way but always of the same modern, elegant and functional style.

As I said before and as you can see in the pictures, the interior of the House is clearly connected with the outside, There are several access doors to move from one place to another and in all rooms large windows that allow to enjoy the scenery from within and facilitate the entrance of natural light coming from the outside.

The kitchen I loved, I don’t know how many times Michael Jordan prepared there dinner, maybe none, but actually is is not a kitchen’s trim but intended to enjoy the experience of cooking. Large work surface, many areas of storage,… really comfortable and enviable freedom of movement.

This is one of the details that draw more attention table custom specially designed for the basketball player who has been implicated directly in the decoration of which so far has been his home. Although many of the pieces with which it has furnished are simple, there are real jewels of design like this.

And complete as it could not be otherwise with the basketball court that it has nothing to envy to the of the NBA, either in quality or in size, since it is fully intended both in the materials used for its construction as in its dimensions.

I basketball game, so the Court wasn’t going to get much out, but what is the House itself was delighted, both the distribution and form of the building, as furniture and decoration, and also outside. Come on, that because there is me well now mortgaged me twenty million… but… And you, who you say do you like the House?