The Palace of The Dukes of Palma in Pedralbes

Surely with all that has been spoken of the Palace of the Dukes of Palma in Pedralbes, It was all very excited know how is inside this small mansion located in one of the most exclusive districts of the city, where also live, for example, Lionel Messi.

Interestingly, both Messi as the Dukes of Palma (especially Iñaki Urdangarín) have had problems with justice, the first by a few technical issues with Treasury, calling him a good sum of money, and the other… well, the other best will not say anything, because we are sure that you know all, so let us focus on the Palace in question, that just offer for sale by almost ten million euros in a Russian real estate portal.

From the street, the Palace of the Dukes of Palma in Pedralbes It is fairly discreet, Maybe not is watch too many luxuries, but rather a modern, simple and elegant design large House. That same style is preserved on the walls of the interior, where it is clear that the Dukes have pretty good taste.

White walls and wood for shutters (in homage to the Mediterranean traditional architecture) combined with simple geometric volumes that make up a cutting modern and minimalist house. Large but without sin in excess. Luxurious but not ostentatious.

Before entering the interior, should not forget to look back and observe the spectacular garden He enjoys the House which, unlike architecture, has a design that is more English than modern, with sinuous lines, little regular. A little oasis in the city.

Once in the classroom, one realizes that the House is really great. I do not know you, but I do not neither one of the two sofas that have I have in the living room, not to mention the huge coffee table and two armchairs in the background, which are perhaps the only ones who clash a little decoration sober and somewhat impersonal, something to which aid to the shelving of the Fund is fully empty.

In the dining room, from which it sees another different classroom, stays This simple and elegant line. Furniture of modern style but with a predominance of earthy tones to bring serenity and sense of comfort. It is again a little impersonal, but I imagine it has to do with that is for rent.

The only slightly more colorful area is a “corner” of rest (say corner in quotation marks because it is huge) on one of the corners of the main hall, where we find two large sofas, one blue and one Orange, as well as a coffee table in the same colour range. Perhaps an area designed for the younger members of the family.

We now turn to the kitchen, as they say the brothers Scott, is a kitchen gourmet fledged. Surfaces of stainless steel, a large island central to work comfortably. A great countertop with fires of all kinds, wardrobes everywhere… in the end, when direct classmates see it on the palate, ranging to drooling to inundate it.

I can finally only show a small corner that if intuition I don’t seems to be a barbecue deck overlooking the garden, where we found a table at the bottom and a kitchen area with bar which must be performed bar at the same time that of barbecue area.

Finally, if you have out there under mattress ten million euros (or a little less, the price is negotiable) the still Palace of the Dukes of Palma in Pedralbes It may be a good place to invest them, but honestly I have no idea if it is their market price or not, I’m more of neighborhoods where you hear your neighbors.