The Perfect Watch for Kitchen and Dining Room

I always liked to have a wall clock in the kitchen, I have no very clear, actually I think that it is a family custom, he had it in the kitchen of my mother, and the mother’s of my mother… And I also have it, but mine is not as original as this, it is of steel, that Yes, but smoother, without the spoons and the forks.

If I had seen this earlier, I would have perhaps decided by it, it is not expensive, costs about 20 euros, and is much more fun than typical watches that we find in all the shops, the detail of the cutlery around, makes it a Watch perfect for spending time in the kitchen or in the Dining room.

It is without a doubt a gift perfect for a Cook and for anyone that likes the kitchen and eat, i.e. which can almost serve for either, as dates of gifts, approach can always keep that in mind as an option and, but also we can give it to ourselves.