The Red Invades The Kitchen

The truth is that the Red has never been one of my favorite colors, or at least not in large quantities, if I like the warm colors, happy and alive, but more oriented toward Orange, Fuchsia… but little by little red has been coming into my life and now not only not you dislike, but that each time I like more, especially if you are linked to a good design, I found in RedCandy a selection of articles, accessories and utensils in red, in different styles which found me stunning.

I have chosen a few specially designed for the kitchen, It is easy to imagine the typical kitchen with white walls and furniture in wood or black and white, who is also trendy… Something boring, sosa… A set of well-chosen elements in a color as intense as red, you can give the touch of joy and strength you need. A wall clock, as nice as useful, a few glasses of colored glass, to give warmth to our table…

I would like to point out that the Red fits particularly well with the retro style, There is no more than see the scales to weigh food or dustbin of the image, typical elements that many times we have hidden in the kitchen, occupying a beautiful space that well we would need for other things, in the interior of the cabinets is a great idea to buy this type of accessories with a pleasant aesthetic to wear them and enjoy them while we use them.