The Spectacular Decoration of a Loft in St.-Petersburg

All countries of the world, those of Eastern Europe has been those who have later begun his decorative revolution, but the view is that they have done so quickly and exceed any expectation. A rich culture, half a century of isolation and a tremendous desire to catch up to the us to this spectacular decor of a loft in Petersburgo.

A very functional space, not just partitions, where the mix of styles, combinations of retro prints and an important presence of wood, along with the lighting, both natural and artificial, let us this impressive example of decoration.

A large open space, that makes the corners to hide the washing area or the firm. Strategically placed libraries, the separation of the dining room within one Pergola or interior porch, open to the living room and kitchen or bar that serves as a separation between the living room and kitchen area are great ideas for an open space.

The more intimate area, the bedroom, is the only thing that is not visible on this House. A small Hall is responsible for separating the bathroom (complete with bath included) tiled with small mosaic tiles also retro, separated from the toilet by a narrow corridor.

The House does not lose anything of luminosity, Since the huge window of the dining room, there is no architectural barriers flood of light both the living room as the kitchen and up to the Hall!. The bedroom is also very bright, so the only dark room would be the bathroom.

What do you think of this spectacular loft in Petersburgo?