The Wild West, with Touches Shabby and Male in an Australian House

Kara spoke not long ago in another blog of the House where Trendencias Lifestyle, I also write about their precious on shop decoration vintage in a beautiful caravan road,.

On this occasion I speak from his home in Australia, is without a doubt a home of the Wild West, with shabby touches and male in an Australian House. Is these homes with their own style, Kara has impeccable taste, it has the ability to use current trends and the classics and make them yours.

A couple of days ago we saw another example of a home with its own personality, which used the same ingredients: a bit of shabby chic, classic design, rough luxe and a distinct accent neorustico, and a neutral palette. However these two homes are completely different, they have nothing to do with the other, see for yourself: the summer of Milk Magazine editors home.

The House of Kara It is a typical House of the American West, but in Australia, a jeans or peasant House, adapted to a contemporary lifestyle, although calm and craftsman. It is very bright and absolutely white with many Brown touches and some blacks that give life and a masculine air.

Kara loves play with textures and materials to give warmth and contrasts, curtains of linen, walls filled with hats, velvet, marble, leather, glass, wool carpets, wood, dried flowers… The shabby chic touch succeeds with some parts and furniture in shades of gray, green and turquoise, and furniture vinatge with a soulless look scattered around the House.

The highlight of the House is the use of marble, nothing own a home so rustic material, but it adapts perfectly to the decoration. For some time we see as it returns to decorate entire wall panels or to make furniture and add a sophisticated touch to these looks so loaded and Bohemian.

We see how you use wicker chairs, flooring and tables of natural wood, stairs to decorate, bare light bulbs, along with industrial lighting, frameless mirrors, books, benches, stools and some other classic of industrial design, such as the beautiful marble Tulip table.

Could spend hours talking about and describing everything you need in this home full of details, you look where you look you will find a corner with objects, small shrines arranged as a still life, where to place their favorite parts. But the best thing is that you stay a while enjoying the pictures and you’re reeling off the large number of objects in each space.