Three Styles Decorative for a Home “Hipster”

Personally it’s labels horrifies me, however they are very practical to organize and define styles, aesthetic movements, and even social groups. In this case the labels I used to introduce yourself three decorative styles for a home “hipster” or for any that you like, as you will see all three are extremely beautiful.

It is generally three styles where the protagonist is recycling, recovery of found furniture, crafts and handmade or the antique pieces and vintage objects, all of them mixed are that give touch to these as different styles. Let me know which is the style that you like.

Natural look

Decorate as if you were in a cabin on the lake front, in the middle of the mountain or in the field, it’s play back in your home country aesthetics, that have spoken carefully on the latest trends in decoration. Part II/II and ten great examples of neorusticos bedrooms.

It is characterized by having a short color palette based on earth tones, white and ochre, wooden floors natural wide slats, the linen textured and muslins, with many knots and natural unpolished wood furniture, gives the same tone of wood, some vintage furniture, white walls, few accessories and a clean architecture and simple lines, this House in Mallorca is a very good example.

Bohemian Chic

It is one of the most innovative of all, chose which find an equivalent so you get a picture in the head would be the typical Gypsy wood carabaña vaulted ceiling, an aesthetic of vintage circus, a very colourful and dark look full at the same time, prints and lights.

The result is a romantic and decadent home, with a Victorian touch, where the vintage and rare are the protagonists. If the natural look is clean and serene as a winter in the field, almost surgical, morning the Bohemian chic is decadent, dark, Baroque and complex, but very beautiful.

The basic they are walls with texture and defects, You’ll find lots of ideas in adds texture and defects to your walls, add many textiles with huge floral prints and you can hang a manila shawl on the wall or add exaggerated floral-patterned wall paper.

With regard to the furniture is choose a little of everything from a classic piece of industrial design to an armchair, shelves and antique bed, a sofa chester, pieces of Wicker, crockery and glassware, vintage, mixing styles, colors and textures.

Although input may horrify you, to my personally I love this style, is extremely cozy and beautiful, It tries to recreate a home lived, with history and emotion, parts and memories that evoke a past best.

The taxidermy and rare as surgical objects, bottles of apothecary or a table of operations, provided it is vintage is welcome to this look, and above all don’t forget plants, filled your home, creates corners with plants and flowers.

An eclectic look industrial

We ended up with the best-known style of the three, in this case is better to have a home in a loft, barn, workshop, old butcher shop, warehouse or factory, It’s recovering industrial or commercial buildings and housing.

In this case the decoration is a hybrid between the natural look and the Bohemian chic, great outdoors with eclectic décor filled things, but without cramming, furniture of all kinds, with much more vivid colors than in the Bohemian chic, but with walls clean and white as in the natural look.

It is of Recycle much, make partition walls with reclaimed antique doors, add furniture found vintage, industrial objects, school furniture, lots of color and art.

Used Barber chairs for your living room, tables for your kitchen tocineras, Nordic furniture or the years 40 and 50 American or who was going to throw your mother, a piece of Ikea, a classic of industrial design and any curious piece like an old toy.

In short, the look industrial eclectic is more recycling and retrieves objects and that uses more color, natural is that more crafts and handmade objects usa, is the look more clean and simple, white of all, which uses more wood, and the Bohemian chic is what most furniture antique & vintage usa, is the most romantic, decadent, dark and baroquish all look. With which you stay, if it is that one you liked?

Although sometimes These styles are not so easy to differentiate, and mingle aspects of all three styles for a unique look, the perfect example is the barn Baileys Home and Garden, a store of dream in the middle of the English countryside, where you can buy quantity of furniture and objects to any of these three wonderful styles.