Tips when Buying a Stove

Combined oven includes an oven, grill and hob in one is usually designed to enter the space between the kitchen furniture. Combined oven can be pure electric, full gas, or both.

Tips when Buying a Stove

What Type of Stove to Choose?

This question can answer by considering the types of foods that cook, the number of members in your household, the type of fuel you prefer, as well as space for placing it you have available in your kitchen.
Standard models, as you know, is equipped with an oven grill and four hobs. Larger models (usually they are for professional use) may have two or more ovens and hobs six or more. Some combination ovens have a separate grill, while in most cases it is embedded in the oven. In some stoves have an option for circulating hot air for more even and faster cooking. Depending on the model, the air can circulate from top to bottom or vice versa.

The design of the stove is not without importance, especially considering the vast variety of market. You can find everything – from standard design to vintage models, minimalist style and design solutions. At the same time you can choose from a rich color palette, the most standard colors are black and white, but you can find patterns in brown, green, blue, red, metallic (stainless steel), etc.

Stove Fuel What is Best?

Gas enables instant heat, easily controlled, and furthermore the heat that develops in the oven is different from the use of electricity and in baking does not allow food to dry. On the other hand, the heat is unevenly distributed, but this can be avoided by selecting a model with a built-in fan, promoting air circulation. Furthermore, the use of gas is more environmentally friendly than using electricity.


Based on Digopaul, electrical stove offers a variety of options for programming the cooking process – for example, combining grilling, and are also easier to clean. The disadvantages are that the precise cooking temperature is more difficult controllable (unless your oven is not with digital controls), and needs to preheating, which slows and expensive process of cooking. The second, of course, can be partially avoided if used model with a built-in fan for hot air.


Safety liners

These are moveable metal plates placed on either side and sometimes on the back wall of the oven. They can be removed to be cleaned. These boards are now rare and in older models. Most manufacturers are directed to the catalytic surfaces.
Catalytic plates

These plates are placed on both sides of the oven and sometimes on the ceiling and the rear part are treated with a special material that absorbs spatters of fat during cooking. When the oven is set to 200 ° C or more, splash burned. However, if a long time to turn on the oven to a high enough temperature, the panels will become clogged and will not be effective.


Best of all cleaning systems – 100% effective and not requiring virtually no effort. Pyrolysis is a term that means disintegration of a substance at very high temperatures. In practice, this happens in the oven with a system for cleaning. The inside of the oven is heated to very high temperatures, so the spilled food is converted into a fine gray powder that is enough to brush away after the oven cools. A thought for the safety at the time of the pyrolysis oven door is locked to prevent an incident with a member of your family. This system, of course, available in more expensive models.


If your home has small children, safety is something you should pay the most attention. Some models ovens have heat-insulating glass, which can reach 4 pieces arranged one over another. Thus most external glass remains cold, even when the oven is turned on full blast. Another protective mechanism that some models possess a security lock that will not allow your child to open the oven until it works.