Two Studies Converted into an Apartment on The Upper West Side of New York City

We’re going to New York, the architect Lauren Rubin just remodel two studies into a wide housing located in a building of 1930’s style Art Déco in the Upper West Side. Sounds good, right? As you’ll see when you see the result.

The task was to unite both apartments and make them a unique spacious and bright home, gets a home with a single kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms, without just redistribute anything. One gap is somewhat more open, spacious and bright, retaining the original architectural elements. With photo, it seems impossible that we see on the cover.



Rubin intended to keep the details and the charm of the Art Déco and at the same time save as much as possible in the remodeling. Preserving the beautiful leaded glass windows, original parquet floors, bathroom tiles and kitchen.

Opens the kitchen to the dining room and Add an overture that gives to the bedroom to thus make the apartment a more open space. Kitchen preserves the original White subway tiles dating back to the New York of the 1930s.

In the living room it is placed the always elegant Lounge Chair with its Ottoman designed by the Eames couple, also seems to hover a brown leather armchair Chesterton, both parts contrasting with the luminosity of the white and the light coming through the decorated windows.

The Lounge the earmarks of a grey stone wall giving a male, sober and cosy air space, which cover parts of contemporary art that coexist with the original fireplace decided, rightly, to preserve.

I like the details of Rubin’s Add a storage around the door frame area giving to the master bedroom. Rubin says that the most complicated was to rehabilitate the Park which was in fragile condition and they could just link it gently. It seems that you have been great

99 m2 apartment breathes an air of classic, sober, elegant and sophisticated and with a contemporary twist, with a neutral palette to base of white, grey, lands and classic materials and quality, with few furniture but with lots of character and a masculine touch.