Vincent Kartheiser

You can that Vincent Kartheiser is not at the level of other celebrities that we have taught in our section famous homes, as Michael Jordan or the Dukes of Palma, but given its important role as the irritating Pete Campbell on Mad Men and the importance of design in that series, deserves that we teach your apartment.

Vincent commissioned the redesign of their small apartment Funn Roberts, who has made it in an area of great beauty, light and well balanced, and even with interesting details like a bed suspended in the ceiling to save space during the day.

It is probably the bed the most curious and shocking all decoration, otherwise making good use of materials, combining the modernity of some pieces such as chairs DSR of Charles and Ray Eames (actually designed in the period in which Mad Men is set) with the warmth of wood, very present throughout the apartment, is that bed.

Seeing the pictures, realize that the area which corresponds to the bedroom during the night, serves also as a receiver during the day. Maybe the order of the pieces could have invested, and place the bedroom at the back, on the other side of the kitchen, where the Hall is located, but then the House would have been smaller.

Suspended bed on the roof while not in use and transform the bedroom receiver through some ingenious accessories and versatile furniture – headboard becomes table and shade hides in a cupboard-, the apartment wins in variety of spaces and visual amplitude.

Me gusta mucho the atmosphere that one breathes in the House of Vincent Kartheiser. At times might even think that it is part of the scenes of the series Mad Men, with the Lounge Chair (also by marriage Eames) presiding over the Hall, the dark woods of the kitchen and that curious geometric pattern that decorates the entrance gate.

It is also very nice the decoration of the external areas apartment – although I have not just the well placed with regard to the House-with corners full of sofas to be with friends against a fireplace and plants that provide a touch of colour to the whole, either in the form of climbing, small trees or even hanging next to the front door.

No doubt Vincent Kartheiser shows good taste in the decoration of your apartment, distancing itself somewhat from the usual tone of our famous, which often are more an exercise of bravado and ostentation that’s authentic decor.