Vintage Bathroom Inspiration: 30 Ideas

Are You a lover of vintage bathrooms? You want to get a perfect vintage bathroom? In this article we will focus on vintage bathrooms, offering you 30 great vintage style baths, perfect for a relaxing and full of intimacy with all kinds of luxury and glamor typical in another time period.

Vintage bathrooms for inspiration

No. 1 To get an authentic vintage bathroom , it is important that all decorative elements to conform to the vintage style. Bathrooms feature vintage furniture seem aged, while not to be antifuos of “old”, but that aspect is given artificially to achieve the desired retro effect.

No. 2 This vintage bathing gets to have a super retro look thanks to typical high school locker we can see right image.

No. 3 vintage Shabby chic bathroom and lovely, it ‘s nice and white tones with pink accents and creams give a spectacular romantic touch.

No. 4  The moldings on the wall, the wooden frames, the old posters are essential elements for any type of vintage stay, they can not miss the vintage bathrooms.

No. 5 A clawfoot tub a vase a little naturalness to the environment a retro mirror without hanging up, leaning against the wall, are elements that get a bath have a great vintage style.

No. 6 Another accessories vintage bathroom that will give a full retrospective look to a bathroom, are the lanterns. The photography is punching, but very beautiful and elegant.

# 7 This metallic bath is quite inspiring, with the walls and marble floors and a chair perfectly put time on for vintage ideas.

No. 8 In vintage bathrooms need to take care all the details, such as choosing items that can bring a vintage effect. In this case we have chosen a pink armchair, very flashy and glamorous.
No. 9 A checkerboard pattern on the floor to do together with the decoration of bathrooms, is a great idea to give a touch of color to your vintage bathroom. In this case we have used the dirty and blue.

No. 10 In vintage baths, clawfoot tubs may have some color to conjuntarla with the rest of the color gamut of the bathroom. In this case, it has been bricked up the fireplace and the mantel is used to place decorative elements. The wooden house is really beautiful.

No. 11 you can also get original vintage bathrooms like this, mixing old elements with new and creative things. This attic bathroom is really lovely.

No. 12 The mirrors vintage bathroom, is one of the essential elements for a bath deorado with this style, you can choose how you want.

# 13 In this case we have a vintage bathroom with a hippie air, it is a nice bathroom full of color. To highlight the screen with flowery fabric together with the low lamp on the ceiling.

# 15 Getting old objects is one of the mantras of vintage bathrooms, pink eye with radio conjunction with the bathtub, just great!

# 16 The decoration of small vintage bathrooms is more complicated because we can not place as many objects 3 · as if the room were large bathroom, however, if known distribute the bathroom , there should be no major problem.

# 17  Choose a color to decorate your bathroom vintage, pastel colors can be a good alternative. This aqua looks great also gives a very fresh and youthful appearance.
# 18 A decorating idea for vintage bathrooms, it is to choose the furniture to set, as in the previous case, artificially aged furniture with white, give an old but beautiful look.

# 19 can c0nseguir that modern elements coexist with your vintage bathroom , giving certain eclectic touch, this is the case of the previous picture, where the rounded tub looks great in a bathroom of this decorative style.

# 20 Alert with this beautiful vintage bathroom: the tub wall is the only one tile. Old paintings, aged furniture and even a fireplace and a huge mirror. This is a lovely bathroom.

# 21 The vintage bathrooms also have magical spaces. If you have left one corner in your bathroom , fail to place a metal table forged with a vase of flowers and an armchair.

# 22 The lighting is key for decorating vintage bathrooms, put the tub next to a window will be relaxing, although it is only possible in the case of living in a house on the outskirts where nobody can see you.

# 23 Look at the moldings, the floors, the sink and the wall, what seems taken from the time of Jane Austen bathroom? I love!

# 24 Bathe looking at the field must be a wonderful feeling, and if you do not want them to see, you run the curtains and ready. A great idea.

# 25 The big vintage bathrooms can be decorated in many ways, one of them is choosing the rule of symmetry, as in this case, by doubling all elements.

# 26 The white tiled, one beside the other, as if they were wooden boards or bricks, can be very well in vintage bathrooms.

# 27 Can you have a vintage bathroom with exposed beams? What the result is spectacular?

# 28 The combination of tiles, can be a wonderful and original way to decorate vintage bathrooms.

# 29 The chandeliers are also very common in the decoration vintage bathrooms, bet on them but beware that is at a height where water can not reach.

# 30 Taking care of all the details is essential for your bathroom inspiring, if it is a small bathroom, use of mirrors can help you enlarge it .

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