Vintage Decor: Charm to the Your House

Think of your favorite environments decoration with a vintage touch is almost like visiting Grandma’s House every day. In fact, the style is the Union of the most different combinations, mainly made with items from decades of 40 and 50. In addition to ensuring a charming atmosphere, you still provides a certain nostalgic and romantic atmosphere in the decoration.

How did?
Vintage style arose during World War II. This time, it was common to find in the decoration of the houses the crochet and patchwork. Everything was done by hand had value and greater admiration.


Wildflowers and pastels are some of the strongest features of the vintage style. Combine the shades of flowers with your environment and do not forget to choose light fixtures and lamps. Other suggestions are leather chairs in lighter colors such as lilac and pink, responsible for letting the softer environment. For a romantic space, choose wallpapers with small floral prints – the famous liberty does well this function.


Printed box
Indispensable item in vintage decor, boxes decorated in many different shapes and sizes take a special touch to the environments in which they are wrapped. In addition to being super practical, since it is possible to use them for storing jewelry, documents, and small accessories.


In the kitchen
Invest in towels and cloth napkins, cups and teapots decorated porcelain and patterned dishes. During afternoon tea, serve cupcakes to your guests. Another suggestion is to always keep the tables, so the dining room as the Centre, with small vessels and delicate flowers. Field flower arrangements in glass bottles are also cute!


Use elements that bring nostalgia and surprise: cages, bicycles, watches and radios are responsible for letting the space even more harmonious. If the object has a family story behind, so better!


Vintage style, there are no rules to follow, but common sense and balance are key. So, long live the retro!