Vintage Industrial Lamps

When choosing all objects and accessories that were part of the decor of our home, one of those essential items that will help us to give personality and presence, are lamps. Depending on the decorative style we have chosen to decorate our house, we will choose a type of lamps or other. Today we will discuss the retro industrial style lamps, whose aesthetic is very fashionable today.

Industrial retro decor lamps

The retro lamps industrial style are suitable for almost any environment and type of decoration, because they can adapt to the decorative style chosen. However, if it is true that they become practically indispensable for homes decorated in industrial style or following the guidelines of the vintage and retro decor.

This type of lamps industrial style emulate the typical brass lamps with strands of 50 wires, these lamps can be found both as ceiling lamps, hanging from it with their screens brass bowl shaped like lamps standing, perfect for corners of the room, providing a more specific lighting or auxiliary lamps, for an even more directed light, ideal for desktop or bedside tables.

As we can see, this type of industry retro lamps help us offer spaces full of personality, which can remind houses middle of last century. Choosing the perfect lamp for long stay of the house is basic, although in most cases can be combined with each other. For example, in the living room would be ideal to have a ceiling light, another lamp and other auxiliary, these three lamps can be chosen the same color to blend with the chosen to decorate the hall range.

Here we leave you some pictures of retro Industrial lamps so you can inspire you when decorating your home with them.