Viscoelastic Pillow Reviews

Stress, fatigue and sleepless nights are the main causes of pain in the body, head and bad mood, symptoms that can accompany us throughout the day and bring a lot of discomfort, causing problems in social life and work. To ensure a pleasant day is important to sleep well and at such times, comes in the viscoelastic pillow, together with eight hours of sleep and a good mattress provides a revitalizing and regenerating night.

The viscoelastic pillow is from a technology breakthrough in space research, conducted by the US space agency (NASA) and, among its many benefits, is the complete distribution of the head pressure in the entire area of ​​the pillow, causing the column spinal and neck are in a comfortable position. The pillow store prioritizes good nights sleep and, therefore, gives you some tips on the viscoelastic pillow. Look!

Benefits of viscoelastic pillow

There are several types of pillows available in the market, but the viscoelastic pillow is undoubtedly one of the most widely appreciated already models, in addition to providing the advantages mentioned above, correct posture at the time of sleep and molds according to the format from the head. The viscoelastic pillow also helps blood circulation, preventing the accumulation of blood and swelling at the time of waking.

Tips for choosing your pillow viscoelastic

It is a common room having lots of pillows, even more in the double bedroom , where each has his pillow, size, density and shape appropriate to your preferences. So you need to assess some aspects when choosing your viscoelastic pillow and make a night of pleasant and re-energizing sleep. Follow:

  • For the pillow adapts to our head, theviscoelastic foam require the heat of the body and therefore, the choice of the wrong pillow can retain body heat during sleep and cause excessive heat, and discomfort. So, pay attention to the type of viscoelastic pillow when choosing your;
  • Always prefer theanti-allergic pillows , which are the best not only for avoiding allergy, but can also be washed without losing their efficiency;
  • The viscoelastic pillow, height and support appropriate to their biotype and posture while sleeping, aligns the cervical spine with the torso, relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation and facilitating electrical stimuli sent by the brain to the other organs;
  • The ideal viscoelastic pillow should completely fill the space between the head and mattress.Ideally lie down on a bed and check if your neck is lined. If it is too high or too low this pillow is not the most suitable.

The viscoelastic pillow and sleeping positions

Generally, people have a specific way to sleep. Some sleep side (the most recommended by experts), others face down, other belly up … it is very important to evaluate these factors when choosing your viscoelastic pillow, you need to adapt to your body and the way you sleep .

If, however, you often sleep in different positions, the ideal pillow is one that has height adjustment, can be adapted to your taste and need for sleep. Some pillows models have layers that can be easily added or removed. Explore all its benefits!