We May Introduce? Noveaux – A Magazine For Vegan Fashion & Green Lifestyle

Eco is already not more trutschig therefore, but is now wonderfully hip, should have arrived probably gradually almost all: conscious living, alternative choices meet and enlightened than ever consume – all this is becoming increasingly important, is more and more popular and is always present. Even if we are personally not totally consistent with everything, neither completely animal food renounce, still strictly vegan clothing set, will be the theme “green fashion”, “sustainable use” and alternative materials are of course also for us more and more important. Rethinking is said to be responsible and not longer just blindly consuming – our needs grow, as well as the business with the “green business”.

And this is where the Noveaux crosses our path Magazine: what is really vegan? How important are freeloaders who supposedly unthinkingly jump on the trend? And what sustainable jobs are out there anyway, which just waiting a bit to make the world better? Looks like with recipes from s? What alternative materials can we use soon and how can you completely wonderful look without chemistry on the head? At least a hundred questions and 122 return pages that enlighten and quench our thirst on even more consciousness will whet your appetite. We have even browsed through – here comes Noveaux – A magazine for vegan fashion & green lifestyle:

Noveaux is everything: stories from the life, fashion, Interior, recipes, beauty, lexicon – a magazine for thinking, experience, pondering, amazement and to grow.

alternative for home. What is with all the free-rider, the “hypocritical”, the new do-gooders? Noveaux wonders: is a bit “world saving” so useless?

are of course also a fashion special. For our taste here yet experimental approach. Instead, the magazine rather opts for everyday use. Kami, we see of course.

all want at once eco. “Hess Natur” is has viewed closer look the company in Lithuania since 1976 Noveaux.

the country needs alternative materials. But what’s behind all the fancy labels and what to expect soon there on us? Here are answers!

the Noveaux published magazine since March and founder Julia Akra Laurien made their dream come true without further ADO. Work and thereby do good – their greatest desire, she simply gives more in the magazine. Alternative jobs, studies and experience reports: Everything in there.

and what about beauty stuff?

are of course. And while still quite wonderful. Fall issue: natural hair dyeing.

and after so much input the most important must-haves: the food.

100% vegan. By the way, as well as the complete magazine. But of course at this point by yourself

self already scrolled?