What is a Fiber Filled Pillow

Synthetic Fillers

Pillow based syntepon
Sintepon – synthetic fibers is the cheapest material among synthetic fillers. She is lightweight, easy to maintain, there is never zavedutsya insects, well-kept warm, it allows air to circulate easily, there is no odor. The big drawback is the fact that the polyester cushion pad can quickly lose their shape as filler down to the formation of lumps, dents, it is quite difficult to restore.


Hollofayber – synthetic material hollow fiber special retains heat does not cause allergic reactions are well received and holds its shape, easy to care for at home, not to go astray in lumps and not a synthetic filler substitute “pen down”,  but there small drawback – the filled product is not suitable for people who prefer lush, soft pillow. Silicone pillows has a nice feature – the more your lashes so lush and voluminous. The pillow case is lightweight, well holds its shape easily, care white pillowcases of all synthetic fillers, unlike natural minus – is able to accumulate static electricity.

What pillows to choose when buying a pillow look for quality pillow case, check the reliability joints, evaluation of the integrity of packaging. Also so pay attention to manufacturers pillows. Choice of pillows – a serious matter! Each family member must choose their own pillow itself, given their preferences, certain types of pillows and fillers.

Bags, based on buckwheat husk
Product is quite rare for our market, and it came to us from Japan where there is a sense that such raw material eliminates snoring and prevents headache. Apparently advantage of this filler in hipoalergenen.mozhe, ensure that no zavedutsya mites, unlike pen palnitel.Tova well repeat the anatomical shape of the head, thus enabling you to relax during your upper body. Manufacturers may also be added to the collection of herbs: lemon balm, mint , St. John’s wort, they will help to ensure a comfortable sleep will especially be useful for people suffering from insomnia. drawback of this magazine – chuplivost.Ako feather pillows with proper care have a shelf life of 5-10 years, their “colleagues”, based on buckwheat husks will last about 3-4 godini.Tova is due to the fact that the scales in constant frictional contact forming prah.Vazhno is to be borne in mind that such a composition is “noisy” habit can have disadvantages when used, because every time you head movement granules alternate, forming a kind of rustling. The disadvantages is that for effective washing and disinfection of this pillow can just be dry chistene. Maksimumat that you can do to take care of such a product – to produce a regular vacuum cleaning. Pay attention to the peculiar smell, fortunately, after unpacking the product, the smell erode within 2-3 weeks.

Latex bags
despite the fact that such a theft is rubber latex products still concerns a product of natural – rubber, which is produced from the milky sap of the Hevea tree. Material is hypoallergenic, but holds its shape well, even it is not very durable in normal use, latex product may last more than 10 years. For unlike natural materials, latex does not require frequen washed, not not necessarily give it the art, it is quite easy to make at home. Itself, this filler has a porous structure that allows the product to “breathe” and did not stay long and quickly evaporates due to moisture. In such a cushion never zavedutsya insects. By cons include the following: The price of such products is quite high, of course, when it comes to natural lateks.