What to Wear for Beach Holidays

White is a master of beach fashion this summer and took every party on the beach or poolside. The fabrics of the dresses are light and soft, and patterns available.

What to Wear for Beach Holidays

One of the most successful combinations for the hot months is to put shorts and blouse with one shoulder. When choosing pants, consider a few things. The average length to mid-thigh is often inappropriate, because visually shorten the leg. So stop or model slightly below
Beautiful white dress for the beach knee or very short shorts.
We should note that if your waist is high, as mandated by vintage classics, the model should be slightly flared, not hip. Opposite – if it is normal or dropped waist, it should closely follows the line of the body down the leg. Guns this summer also follow some trend. If a fitting body, are spilled neck, so as to see the shoulders.

Here we add any embellishments – fringe, embroidery, stones, etc. If the model is free, it can stop the pattern similar to the bubble – closed neckline (here add links, buttons or zipper) wide part ended with elastic waist or below the waist. Raised flouncy clothes are another strong trend of summer – this applies to dresses, tunics and skirts, even for guns.


Cutting sleeve type cape is another good idea designers for summer parties. This type of sleeves to go with neck type boat. If a dress, then her model quite right without decorations to mid-thigh.If a blouse – a body length slightly below the waist.

This model sits well with transparent elements – a delicate line running horizontally or vertically, changing broadcast immediately. You can show and plenty of skin, if the dress has an interesting geometric slot. Top to mid-abdomen is probably the sexiest trend for this summer. This garment is worn with a skirt with a high waist or pants, so to see only between 2 and 4 finger naked flesh, writes “Telegraph”. As a rule, is closed around the neck, there may be little sleeve or simple decoration. The back, however, may be more open, have crossed connections, tapes, etc.


For parties on the beach and the pool, or for dinners on terraces and outdoor clubs, you can opt for a dress breeches with thin straps even for pregnant holiday dresses at Bestaah. The more resembles a nightgown, the better. Satin, lightweight cotton and silk are the best fabrics, the cuts are completely free, without belts and narrow.

One option is to follow the gentle line of the body and the other is to have maxi size. Big lace here also there is a place or different “strings” and simple embellishments at the neckline.

Bohol dresses to the ground and did not retreat this season. The patterns are similar – wide and free.

Prints are varied, designers love most in horizontal stripes. Combination blue and white or blue and green is the date.