Why Your Child Better Sleeps With A Night Light

Why does my child needs a nightlight? Why is sleeping quiet when near the bed or near the door a little light in the night lights? Or when a younger child can easily grab his lightsaber and take it with you to walk through the long, long hallway?

Sleep with Night Light

Children find it in complete darkness very uncomfortable, so, they have often terrified of. The baby cries in panic, and even younger children want nothing more than that at least the door to the bright corridor remains open to a little bit. But if the parents are eventually gone to bed and the lights have cleared the corridor, it is still in the nursery again pitch black. If the child awakens in the night, it will again be in total darkness – and get scared.Therefore, a night light for the child optimal, safe and easy to use solution.

The fear of the dark

It is important first to know that the fear of the dark in children completely normal is. Approximately up to 6 years going through the child from the evolution of humanity emerged fears. Young and old – – In earliest times of human history, people had to beware of the dark: Wild beasts and dangerous snakes were in the dark on the prowl. Of course in the darkness of the modern children’s room no poisonous snakes, lions and tigers. But the fear of the dark and what is could be located therein, there are still. Children afraid of the monsters under her bed. This is not because of creepy stories that they told the child, but results from those same primal fears. Until the child has learned that there are no monsters, pass, as already mentioned, about 6 years.In some children, it may be faster, but if it takes longer than 6 years, it may be worthwhile to consult a doctor. For the fear of the dark that occur debilitating and can cause panic, can also act as Achluophobie, that is emerging as a serious mental disorder. This may even persist in adulthood, when the fear was not treated early and taken. A night light can no longer take a Achluophobie. But it is able to make the children’s room for your growing child simply more comfortable and to keep the natural anxiety in check. Until your child sometime no more night lighting needs.


Our eyes are a biological wonder. Perhaps you ever noticed that you can see at night in the light of a small standby light? Surely you have wondered where this bright light comes then! Yet it is not roughly comparable with the light of a bright light source of a ceiling light! The reason that we minimal light sources find especially light in complete darkness, is located in the pupil, which are strongly dilated in the dark and therefore very sensitive.In addition, the protein rhodopsin, which is set up automatically in the dark within 15 minutes and provides an optimized viewing in dark surroundings. Surely you know the statement that it was necessary to get used to the dark, for example at a night walk. This is true, in fact: Our eyes can get used to the darkness – and we see better in no time.


What have night lights but to do with the natural ability of our eyes to become accustomed to the darkness, so that we can see better? Given were first reminded of how your partner the last time rose from the bed, is entlanggetastet on the wall and then turned the glare of the ceiling light in the middle of the night to go “just” quickly to the toilet.You woke up, have grumbled and could not fall asleep for a while, right?Bright light wakes us. The small light of a night light but not (and yes, even your bedroom would be a “more mature” night light is a good choice that a partner no longer arouses the other). So could you make for your child burn the overhead light, it certainly would not fall asleep easily. But if a minimum burning light that calms the child, but does not prevent from sleeping, the optimal conditions were created. This is done by a night light. This has only a small brightness. Enough to to orient themselves at night and drive the monsters under the bed, but not so bright that it would disturb the sleep process. Our experts Tip: Reddish light is much better suited as a bluish for night lights. This is because blue light directly affects our biorhythms and us “awake makes”.

The mobile nightlight

Did you ever asked your child to look up under the bed, because there is always particularly dark? With a not permanently installed, but mobile nightlight child can create light under the bed from now itself by simply accesses after the night light and it keeps under the bed. But be careful! Give your child this by no means a bedside lamp, possibly connected to the grid, in the hand! Not only here flows electricity, conventional bulbs are also extremely hot! Burned fingers are a risk, the risk of fire a very different. Children namely like to play with things in her room. Can play with a hot lamp become but quickly become a fire hazard for the whole house, even when luminaires with towels and craft eggs decorated of paper, which can burn quickly. Therefore, pay attention when choosing a mobile night light for safety and low heat generation. The brand manufacturers PHILIPS, of which our Mickey Mouse lamp comes has, with the SoftPals mobile Nightlights with cuteness and comfort designed, in contact-always cool and thus-due to the built-in LED technology completely harmless, according to Josephnightlights. Moreover react the lights on tilt, which means that the child must never looking for a switch but simply accesses after his night light and has a light for orientation available. You have at night simply times to the toilet? Simply SoftPal taken and then it is possible for the eyes accustomed to the darkness with a minimal, warm white, reddish light to traverse any way without danger. You want to know about a safe and bright decor of the nursery more? Then read also our article on “10 tips for a safe and balanced lighting in the nursery” .