Wood Panel Wall Clock

If you are tired of boring design digital alarm clock, here’s an unusual idea how to turn it into a spectacular accent. This will hide the ugly plastic accessory behind beautiful wood paneling, preserving functionality. In addition, you can decorate the lining or to paint in the desired color paint on wood.

Wood Panel Wall Clock

Required Materials

  • * 2 Pieces of thin plywood – with dimensions 12.5 x 25 cm. – You can also use thick decorative paper with the desired pattern or thin cardboard
  • * Ordinary clock alarm
  • * Scissors
  • * Mock knife
  • * Gun hot silicone
  • * Ruler
  • * Spray adhesive (if you use decorative paper or cardboard)

Wood Panel Wall Clock3


1. Remove the template shown below. Measure the clock and resize scheme to values ​​obtained by adapt a shape. Print it on paper.

2. If you are using decorative paper or cardboard, use spray adhesive to stick the printed circuit on the back of the selected material. If you use wood glue pattern on the board and cut out the contours. Remember to cut the holes for the alarm button and the cord.

Wood Panel Wall Clock2

3. If you use plywood panels, cut wood components, and start to glue them together with silicone. If using decorative paper or cardboard, carefully fold the material on the dotted lines and using tape or glue to stick the edges to each other in the displayed form.

Wood Panel Wall Clock1

4. When assembling the lining test whether the clock fits into it with methods by PhoenixWallClocks. You can pre-paint or decorate surfaces. When the form is ready, put it in the watch and stick it with some tape or glue it shut.

5. Turn the clock – alarm and check whether you have access to button off and on. If necessary, make any repairs on the liner.