100 Years of Dorival Caymmi: the Brazil that Inspires

On Wednesday, 30 April 2014, Dorival Caymmi would complete 100 years. One of the great names of Brazilian Popular Music, Dorival was known for your spontaneity and compositions that make your legacy musicalseja remembered till date. The musician left as inheritance her songs, inspired by the world he saw to your round, depicting the sea and nature, the fishermen, the black people, your life in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. Without forgetting, of course, the iconic what Bahia has, immortalized in the voice of Carmen Miranda and responsible for the international projection of the artist.


To celebrate the date, Bontempo brings a post today inspired by the sensitive style, inspiring and full of brazilianness. Both the Bahia, birthplace of Caymmi, as Rio de Janeiro, your home for decades, are true cauldrons of cultures, people, colors and flavors. Always remembered by your joy and positive energy, the culture of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro are two great references to create a lively decor and stripped.



Bet on the combination of warm colors and cheerful, being careful to keep harmonious composition and don’t be boring. The blue and white may have their shades in all environments, remembering the beauty of our sea coast.



The Green and yellow, which refer to the brazilian nationality, make up the prints of leaves, fruits and birds. These tones are recommended everywhere: walls, furniture and other items such as pillows, blankets, etc.





The materials are also characteristic: wood, with its rustic and artisanal references act as base of the decoration.



The clay and clay are great choices of materials for decorating items, such as dolls outlaws and the famous baianas. If you have a balcony or open space in your home, create a relaxing space and in tune with our nature, always so rich.