1968 Chandeliers Handcrafted in Spain

1968 is the year of the revolution, the space race and also a very significant year for television. These are the premises that Jordi Busquets began its design.

1968 Chandeliers Handcrafted in Spain

All these ingredients converge in a fixture made entirely in Spain and which combines tradition and modernity. Its structure is reminiscent of the first televisions, the wood is treated manually by carpenters, the logo is engraved with laser and brackets are printed in 3D at the lighthouse facilities.

The result is a light halfway between a desktop and a laptop, that has LED strips of high efficiency and warm light; and linen shade made of Mataró.

The wood is curved in Valencia and parts are assembled in the workshops of Torelló. Finally, the lamp is mounted in Faro Barcelona headquarters. The entire process is carefully and each piece is unique and unrepeatable, a product 100% made in Spain.

1968 was presented exclusively at light + building and at the Barcelona shop Biosca & Botey. His debut has awakened the interest of customers and press; its shape evokes nostalgia; and, its warmth reminds us of home, fact that makes it a timeless piece perfect for salons and hotels.

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1968 Chandeliers Handcrafted in Spain 1

1968 Chandeliers Handcrafted in Spain 2

1968 Chandeliers Handcrafted in Spain 3