25 Toilets Planned

Hello, to accompany me in this article to learn how to plan your bathroom so that it looks larger, using cabinets custom or even modular furniture and also check out special tips for choosing flooring, lighting, and colors for the bathrooms planned. We’re going there?

25 Toilets Planned

The bathrooms are generally small rooms, few houses and apartments can enjoy bathrooms with ample space for bathtubs and showers, double-bed, the truth is that most people have to turn around in time to make the planning of the bathroom, so it is always indicated to hire an architect or interior designer to design the bathroom without error.

Armários para Banheiro

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in small bathrooms is to choose furniture oversized, enclosures so large that not even open the bathroom door, or even furniture that end up with the circulation area.

This makes the bathroom becomes suffocating and unpleasant, in addition to increasing the likelihood of accidents, since people are left without enough space to get around.

Depending on the physical space of the bathroom is more indicated to use cabinets designed that are able to take better advantage of the available spaces, such as corners that are chamfered because of the hydraulic system, which end up making the choice of modular furniture.

If your bathroom does not have space for doors to open, the cabinets may have sliding doors, which save a good space in the bathrooms planned small.

Another advantage of the furniture designed for the bathroom is able to create internal divisions, shelves and niches that meet perfectly the need of storage. Thus, it becomes easier to keep the bathroom organized.

Since the modular furniture system has a lower cost, but you must take care with the measures of the cabinet, and also with the positioning of the sink, or in cuba or on the mobile so that it does not disturb the movement.

Organization of the Bathroom

Already advance that even with cabinets planned you’ll have to select only the most essential items to store in small bathrooms avoid storing beauty products, preferably only for personal hygiene items. In this case you can reserve a space for makeup in the room.

If your bathroom has shelves, take the time to use organising boxes to keep everything in its place.

Cuba for Bathroom

Before you choose the model of tub to your bathroom you should have in mind the dimensions of the cabinet, because there are several models of vats for the bathroom, with shapes and sizes that can vary according to the mobile chosen.

When you go to any accessories shop and ceramics for the bathroom, the tanks will be divided in the following way: tanks support, tanks, drilling, wells to overlap, vats semiencaixe.

Tanks Support: Are those that are apparent, on top of the countertop or the bathroom cabinet, in this case the cabinet has to be lower to accommodate the bowl and opt for the tanks support you will have more space inside the cabinet of the bathroom.

The tanks support, generally, does not have cutout for the taps, that is, you will have to use wall-mounted faucets or faucets higher.

Vats of Inlaying: The vats for pressing, as the name already says, are tanks which are installed in the interior of the enclosure, below the edges of the table top.

They’re not more discreet, because their volume is located inside the cabinet, but they decrease the space for storage and require cabinets taller to your installation. For tanks of embedding the ideal is to use faucets the lowest.

Vats of Overlap: The vats of overlap are those that also lie in the interior of the unit, but that its edges are above the table top.

As well as the vats for pressing, the overlay take up space in the interior of the cabinets of the bathroom, but they are more discreet and is also suitable taps low.

Vats Semiencaixe: The vats semiencaixe are ideal for small bathrooms that do not have the space to cupboards deep, when the cabinet will disrupt the area of the opening of the door or the circulation. Because, they are semi-seated on the bench, you are left with a part extended to the front of the cabinet.

These tanks require a project that is well detailed cabinet, with the right measure so that the bowl fits perfectly. The tanks semiencaixe are similar to the vats of overlap, you get a border above the countertop, but the main volume of the tank is built. Being ideal the use of taps low.

The cabinets lowest that you can receive the wells of support reduce the visual impact of the cabinet in the bathroom, but leave the volume of the bowl apparent which can be interesting if you want to give a highlight to your bench, this way the bowl becomes a decorative paper.

Mirror for Bathroom

The mirrors can be great allies to enlarge the feeling of space in the bathroom, so it is interesting to use the grids surfaces mirror smooth, which begin already at the edge of the countertop or cabinet up to almost the ceiling of the bathroom, or even mirrors that start near the floor to the ceiling.

Another great idea for bathroom is to use LED lighting on the bathroom mirror, it’s a release interesting to the mirror, this has been widely used in the projects of modern bathrooms.

Or even, take the opportunity to combine cabinets air narrow, with shelves and cover everything with a power sliding.

Box of Bathroom

Taking advantage of the sequence of the mirror to talk from the box to the bathroom, to save space, the ideal is to opt for sliding doors in the box, that dispense the radius of the opening of the doors and also to use transparent glass, to enlarge the visual range of the area of the bathroom.

Coatings for Bathroom

I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about colors for the bathroom, also on this topic. You should already be “bald” know that the light colors, the white and the beige, in favour of small bathrooms, this is because light colors, or bright, reflect light better than other colors, which creates a feeling of spaciousness.

In addition, the white is for the human psyche, associated with the cleaning and purification.And of course, being the bathroom the place of our free white matches with this psychological perception of color.

Although, the white favours also the visual perception of accumulated dirt, hair, dust. What can bring about a further work on the hygiene of the bathroom.

Already the darker colors tend to create an environment that is more introspective, and when applied on surfaces that contrast with the light colors, the dark colors can create a feeling of depth.

Anyway, being dark colors or clear, to make no mistake the hand in the composition of the colours of the bathroom it is preferred to choose neutral colors: white, black, grey, beige, brown, etc.

Leaving the colors more saturated to the details of the bathroom. Or use the other colors in shades dessaturados mixed the light colors or pastel colors, for example.

Types of Flooring for Bathroom

Let’s start by defining the wet areas on the inside of the box and just behind the sink in the bathroom, are the areas likely to be constantly wet, in these areas it is important to use coatings waterproof wall protection. This also goes for the floor of the bathroom that is prone to be washed, different from other areas of the house that only passes a damp cloth.

Thus, in wet areas the ideal is to use ceramics as hydraulic tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic inserts and other inserts (glass and resinada). Epoxy paint, cement burned with the application of varnish.

Some projects use natural wood with varnish, which is not ideal. Today, with porcelain tiles imitate perfectly the wood is better to opt for this material.

In the dry areas of the bathroom, which are the walls that do not suffer from the constant action of the steam and of the water, you can use other types of coating, such as: wall paper, wall sticker, inserts, coconut, fabrics, acrylic paint.

On the floor of the inside of the box to always wear liners non-slip flooring with grooves for the water to drain, such as the porcelain tiles that mimic pebbles, that has a nice texture to massage the feet.

Bathroom window

To keep the bathroom fresh, not build up a lot of steam in the bathroom and avoid the proliferation of mold and other micro-organisms the toilets should be well ventilated, preferably with windows open to the outside area. Also creating a current of ventilation with an entry of cold air that can be by the door of the bathroom, which drives the steam through the window.

Therefore, always after the bath, keep the door and the bathroom window open, the ideal is to use tall windows that in addition to offering more privacy to those using the bathroom-still stimulates the output of hot air (remember hot air rises and cold air sinks).

Pictures of Bathrooms Designed

These were my tips for bathrooms planned, other things that make the difference in the decoration of the bathroom, but that should be considered in the design of interiors are the sinkers, the lighting, the choice of the metal fittings and still the niches for soap and shampoos in the inside of the box. So instead of writing I decided to publish some photos of toilets planned for you to be inspired, check out the gallery.



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