Get rid of old baggage

5 Good Resolutions for More Well-being in 2022


Stop it! How much time do you think we wasted in 2019 looking for things we could hold our hands on yesterday? In which pile of clothes is the newly bought shirt hidden? Or how can I escape the stress of everyday life at home?

After the contemplative Christmas season, the turn of the year is a time of upheaval, for new beginnings and good resolutions. But be careful: Goals that are too high right at the beginning of the year can kill your motivation after New Year’s Eve. To see attractive wall clocks, please check proindustrialfans.

The turn of the year is perfect, for example, to bring more order into your life and to increase your well-being so that you can really enjoy the new year.

1. Get rid of old baggage: clear out the closet and finally sort out the chaotic corner

We often carry things with us for many years – mentally as well as materially. In the basement and in the attic there are piles of boxes that haven’t been touched in years. The chaotic corner in the living room or bedroom doesn’t get any less chaotic on its own, and the closet is full of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for months. All this searching for things steals our time and gives us gray hair. And keeping things tidy can be so easy. Take a weekend to sort through all your clothes and only put what you really need back in the closet. Well planned furniture and fittings help you to keep track of your favorite clothes. And for the chaotic corner, a nice new shelf might be the right solution.

Get rid of old baggage

2. Get enough sleep

Is your favorite series just too exciting? The stress of everyday life doesn’t let you rest at night, and the next morning you often regret not going to bed earlier? Getting enough sleep should be an essential New Year’s resolution, but it’s not easy to achieve.

First of all, you should ensure that sleep-disturbing factors are banned from the bedroom: televisions, tablets and strong light sources should be removed and sources of noise eliminated. Clutter should also be kept to a minimum by providing adequate storage space in closets and beds, as your mind associates clutter with stress. Sufficient rest is then out of the question. Since humans are creatures of habit, a fixed bedtime will help you fall asleep faster in the medium and long term. Routine and regularity are the be-all and end-all here. Sufficient exercise and oxygen throughout the day also help to make it easier to fall asleep. In addition, it should be noted that the quality of your bed and mattress makes a major contribution to your feeling of well-being.

3. Time for you & more peace in everyday life

With all the demands and expectations that bombard you from left and right in everyday life, it is not always easy to meet your own demands and wishes. At the same time, countless stimuli – such as the non-stop input via television, smartphones, computers and tablets – prevent you from spending time with yourself. Making time for yourself doesn’t mean neglecting your family or friends. It’s about focusing on yourself. Learn to consciously enjoy your time at home, to reduce stimuli and to realize yourself. A new cozy sofa corner with cozy blankets and pillows invites you to read and relax. Or pursue a hobby that you’ve been neglecting lately. Find yourself again by giving your four walls a style update and expressing your personality in furniture and wall design. Trying out new recipes, a wellness day without vanity or spending the whole day in the garden – do what is good for you . And do it regularly.

4. Bring nature indoors

Many hours of the day are spent on the train, in the car, in the office or at home. Extensive walks often only take place on weekends. If it doesn’t rain. A nice way to increase well-being at home is to bring nature into your own four walls by putting up plants. Studies have shown that just observing and appreciating the nature around them makes people feel happier and more comfortable. Plants can do much more than just look pretty – they increase well-being, purify the air and can even relieve headaches and skin problems. For example, lavender contains active ingredients that calm, relax and promote sleep. Orchids, on the other hand, also produce oxygen at night, which, like succulents, improves the air quality and thus ensures better sleep.

5. Reward yourself

All year long we’re busy, beating deadlines, breaking sales records, motivating friends, and helping others to achieve their best. Sometimes we are also criticized, have to recover from an illness or face a difficult situation. Everyday life gives you so many good reasons to reward yourself from time to time. For what you have achieved or survived. Do something good for your body and mind and treat yourself : get something you’ve been wanting for a long time, go on a trip or set up a new home.

Anyone can make this resolution very easily and apply it straight away: Simply reward yourself if you successfully carry out one of your personal New Year’s resolutions. This will help you stay on track and it will be much easier for you not to lose focus.

How about, for example, a new made-to-measure wardrobe – in your personal style, according to your ideas and wishes and the perfect dimensions?

5 Good Resolutions for More Well-being in 2022