A Classic Nordic Apartment in Malmo with a Touch of Color

Don’t miss this spectacular project of Interior design located in a classic Nordic apartment in Malmö, Sweden in a building from the beginning of the 20th century with an original touch of colour, full of details.

Is those apartment that there is little to say, with a beautiful wooden floor, an impeccable interior design project, with an absolutely exquisite color palette and a collection of classic and contemporary furniture, wonderful, not to mention the accessories and art collections throughout the walls and the rest of the home.

Highlights of wooden floors spike almost throughout the apartment and horizontal slats in the kitchen, beautiful floors very sober hydraulic tile in the bathroom, the area of corridors in very contrasting bright colors and area absolutely white housing with a touch of color.

I love wall of the dining room filled with pictures of all the styles that are placed so that they believe a strip. I also want to point out black leather with its Ottoman, a few Brown Moroccan poufs armchair and double side table of marble, all in the Hall.

The apartment is full of classics of industrial design as the Thonet chairs in the kitchen, the Ant Chair in black by Arne Jacobsen in the dining room and artisan pieces vintage character as the Chair color mustard in the bedroom or in Emerald shades in the living room lamp.

In addition to being full of details such as vials of apothecary on a shelf in the kitchen, the thousand- and -one vases with flowers on the dining room table, the delicate mirror frameless bath, the bath in emerald green, is a very harmonious Medley.

In short, we see very masculine touches such as the skin or the floor seats and some dark wood furniture, all in a classic and elegant environment thanks to the high decorated ceilings all walls together with elements extreme as a beautiful tile hydraulics and many colors glass details.

Would be of a Nordic eclecticism, more sober, to which we are accustomed, with color but more spacious and clean, is not so full of objects and all the decorative elements breathe far more than in a classic eclectic apartment.