A Familiar Refuge with Charm in Andros

Between my corners simple Favorites to enjoy a moment of relax taught you the terrace of the House of some friends in the Greek island of Andros. A family very cosmopolitan italoespanyola, who has lived in many countries the length and breadth of the planet. Tireless travelers who have chosen this amazing place as summer retreat and place of meeting with friends and family.

Andros is one of the 220 Cyclades Islands next to Naxos, Paros, Ios, KYTHNOS, Mykonos, Santorini, Anafi and other smaller islands, converted to idyllic places of summer luxury. The housing is seven years old and was designed by the owners, who then resided in Athens and wanted a nice place to spend weekends. Two hours from the Greek capital, Andros stood as a favorite to build a charming family home.

The construction follows the traditional buildings of Stone area that has been overlooked by copying tones that marks the nature, broken only by the soft colour of the façade. Both frames of windows and doors and interiors are completely white. The House has two double bedrooms with bathroom in suite at the top, more one single with bathroom inside, and a toilet of visits. In the plant of the guests, There is one double bedroom and one double ensuite.

Taking advantage of the difficult topography of the island, the House has a succession of terraces. It is located in the largest, the pool and the porch with its built-in bar bar and spectacular views of the sea. Only a comfortable cushions Size XXL and a few colors Daybeds are sufficient for the chill out area.

The porch has a dining table with different tones fluorine around, chairs that have managed to capture perfectly the hippie chic spirit that is currently fashionable. The bar stools are design, transparent, highlighting the mixture of styles that reigns throughout the House.

According to Bethlehem, owner:

Decoration we did it with purchased things, here and there, gifts of friends that come and have come every year and that bring us things because they think that they will be fine, although our idea has been to always decorate with essentials. Few things.
My initial idea to build the House was having nothing to not like me. I have not succeeded at all, but almost. We have maintained the cycladic spirit and simplicity as well as the modern comforts. For a House that used two months a year, the idea was to invest in quality in the things that have to last: doors, windows, flooring…

The dining room is comfortable and easy to keep, let’s not forget that this is a holiday home, which sometimes seems a small Tower of Babel, visitors of all nationalities and not may be collecting and cleaning all the time. The décor designed to enjoy and relax.

The cuisine should not be more functional, but the small details, are careful as the front of the vitro is done with Greek decorative tiles cheerful colors that break the monotony of the neutral color palette or the breakfast table with his limewashed grey and old chairs of aenea.

The bedrooms follow the simplicity of the rest of the House, do not have doors on cabinets, or superfluous ornamentation. The smooth walls give sención of freshness and seeks ua connection with the landscape, trying to interfere as little as possible with many objects.

If found design details in the living room and the dining room lamps (let us not forget that the head of the family is Italian), even the coffee table is modern but combines perfectly with the rest of the furniture and with that spirit we talked about us owner of simplicity a little decant, as the own Greece.

A family house dreamed, conceived, designed and built with love and that is “becoming” little by little, over time, like good wines. A family retreat with charm in Andros.