A Farm Hut Transformed into a Charming Mediterranean Home

Recover, rehabilitate and transform abandoned buildings intended for families living offices, which currently have industrialized, mechanized or corporatized, as fishing, pottery or agriculture and become comfortable homes while maintaining the character and essence of the local architecture is trend, and I love it.

We saw it does nothing in this great and ancient cottage fishermen transformed into a contemporary home, today I show you another dramatic reform, the of a farm hut transformed into a Mediterranean home with much charm, going to leave without words.

It is of a complex of agricultural use stone huts, intended for field work, turned into a spectacular home with a neorustico look right in the middle of crops of olives, near the sea, located in Salento, Italy.

The owner, the architect, Luca Zanaroli, on holiday with his family discovered a true example of rural architecture in a State of total abandonment, while walking by a memory-filled place, hidden among the trees with an authentic Mediterranean and monumental landscape.

They decided to keep it and rehabilitate it themselves, maintaining the authenticity and the memory of old stone barracks, to transform it into your home, a home for him and his spouse and children.

Both in his rehabilitation as in its decoration have kept alive and intact memory and the character of the place, adding a bit of your own personality with contemporary design furniture, resulting in a very natural decorative style.

With a wonderful neorustico look, that fashion is, where they mix modern objects like Verner Panton chairs located under a dome of stone for the dining room, or combining stools of olive wood and wicker baskets with a star of leds in the classroom.

The House made of stone dry, consists of two adjoining buildings of different types that are supported against each other. The oldest dating back to 1700, is the so-called pagliara shaped cone with circular base with a roof in the shape of a dome, a typical construction of area, used as deposit tools and wood, although the name I would say it was used as a barn, although it is only a speculation.

The second construction of truncated pyramid-shaped with a quadrangular plant with a barrel vault, was used as a temporary shelter to the farmers who worked the land, although had been an oven that served bread to the locals.

The protagonists in the outside materials are stone and wood landscapes full of monumental olive trees and a beautiful Butterfly Chair, and inside the protagonists are whitewashed and usually curved walls and floors of polished microcemento.

Furniture and furnishings are scarce, usually rustic wood and will be complemented by many textile textured, as that they are talking about does nothing in the latest trends in decoration. Part I/II.

A perfect beautiful and well finished project to spend a relaxing vacation watching an enigmatic, old and monumental landscape of olive trees, It also has the beach on the side. I just have a question, this environment in winter will be warm, I guess should be heating in the ground.