A Former Army Building Converted into a Beautiful Mountain House in Switzerland

Any building can be become a pleasant home, gives just the objective that was built in origin, always can be performed a suitable reform to make way for a comfortable home and at the same time can keep partly alive the history of the building.

The pictures of this article we can see a Swiss arsenal which was built during the second world war. Its owner wanted transform this old army construction in a living space. Estudo Ralph Germann architects was commissioned to the renewal in which many of the historical details of the building, held at the same time created a modern house in the mountains.

Renovation was initiated by the insertion of a cube of glass within the old wooden structure. That way they could preserve details in the walls and ceiling that otherwise he would have lost. Some of those details you can see in the photos of the House.

In keeping with the historic character of the building on the site was chosen by the use of simple materials as slate, glass or metals. Lines were also kept clean and simple helping to give a touch of timeless, modern chalet but without stridency to housing.

The House has everything, we started a small tour through the common spaces, the living room and dining room. A large door connects the dining room directly abroad, environment is something essential in this House and so is the interconnection between the inside of the House and the environment that surrounds it logically. It also allows the entry of a large flow of natural light that is very nice.

Precisely next to the dining room is one of the beds I can see in the photo above. The headboard as a cabinet with shelf extends in height to the ceiling and makes somewhat of separator, although this bed is not separated from the common areas but physically it shares environment with them.

In the photo on these lines have one of the bathrooms in which black tiles with joints in white they are precious to contrasting with the light wood natural. Only a small flower as decorative detail breaks with neutrality and simplicity of materials, colours and lines. Remarkable is that even the bathroom features natural light coming through a small window.

After seeing the majority of the House in natural and neutral colors surprise the introduction of intense tones as Fuchsia pink in some environments. Are mainly textiles of the beds which have been chosen in these colors, but there is also a second bathroom, whose door we can see in the corridor and all the pink, is including walls.

And finally in the photo above you can see one of those details related to the history of the building and that they have remained thanks to the inclusion of the glass cube that allowed you to retain the original walls.

Even though I like the House, I am almost sure that I used not to live in a place like that as far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. But as second home or place to disconnect on vacation, you can not be more ideal. The warmth of natural wood contrasting with the cold that transmit the snowy mountains, it provides a great feeling.