A Good Idea?: Reuse Old Suitcases as Bath Kit

The old suitcases they have become one of the most recurrent elements of decoration in recent times. If until little suitcases found in the attic of her grandmother had just in the bin, they are now one of the trophies most appreciated by all lovers of decoration, especially by those who, like me, are committed to introducing a touch vintage and Bohemian, in the decorative scheme of your home.

In Decoesfera I have offered numerous ideas to give new utilities to those bags, beds for pets to seats, but so far we have not seen them reused as first aid kits. Who most who least have at home a small cabinet that stores medicines, usually in the bathroom; Why not, then, converting an old suitcase, with all the charm that treasures, in this cabinet for medicines?

Obviously, you will need to be a not-too-big suitcase, the hand, which can be hung on the wall, as in images, and that even We can add a mirror (as in the first picture), so that it serves as a Cabinet above the sink. If you dislike this option too, always can be used, with medicines, above any other cupboard, and is also very decorative. Do you think a good idea?