A Large Apartment in Berlin of Sophie Von BuLow

The House that we see today is a work of Sophie von Bulow which had to start from scratch the renewal of two small apartments in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, that he had not touched since the second world war. The first thing was pulling walls and convert two apartments into one broader.

Although the change with the reform was enormous, was somehow keeping the style of the original building and is they retained some of the most emblematic elements. Details from charming as the windows, moldings, and part of the wood.

Starting with the common areas, next to the kitchen we have a space a large table that can serve as a dining / work table. White contrasts with the natural wood and books placed by color on the Bookshelf, a controversial, because there are many who think that books should not be as part of the decor, although to my I like the idea.

The kitchen is very simple but at the same time, very functional. It is dominated by white colour which makes it look more spacious even though narrow and elongated and chose the black color to the countertop that provides an excellent work surface. Storage furniture is only a shelf with some details in the lower part of the kitchen but the rest of the space is free.

And we got already to the bedroom, again very minimal, just a couple of pictures and cushions, from the most simple put a color and cheerful note in the room. Attention there is no headboard or night tables, although there are a couple of chairs that are used to place books beside the bed and a Wall lamp for lighting during the night reading.

At the front of the bathroom We have the same white tiles we had in the kitchen, although we could say that bathroom style is a little more minimal. In the photo is not seen but there is no washbasin, only that manufactured countertop in a cement-like material. The record that I made less more storage spaces, because I love everything but I don’t know if there will be enough space to store things.

In addition to the ladder that we have seen in the first pictures of this article, the House has other nice super details, some of them vintage style. Altogether, we could say that it is a good example of a House of eclectic style in the sense that I understand it, and that is: that one together at home everything you like in a harmonious and balanced way.

That little pig We have beachfront is just great. It’s one of those things that you do not have nor idea of for who you want, but the case is that you really need. I liked very much these details and also the House as a whole, and to you, what do you think?