A Micro-Apartment in Seattle’s 17 Square Meters

In reality according to his creator, Steve Sauer, living space Seattle a micro-is not apartment, but peak apartment, for those who do not know what I will tell you that peak is the millionth part of micro. What the author intends to highlight his work is that it is really small, only Seventeen square meters surface.

As other many times the use of the space by using height, does not come with work distribution in two dimensions must think in 3D and environments can go organizing almost in layers. Ten years he has been working Sauer in this space to convert it into a habitable place detail is missing that.

The bed of course is in a loft, at the end, and after it is what is least used during the day. Therefore that in homes in which there is very little space, that serves as a bedroom is the most difficult access area.

In this case in fact there are various heights, not just two. The House is located in a basement, so that the window that seems to high from inside is really at the height of the curb. The views will not be much, but at least the window allows the entrance of natural light and that is important and can be used even to create a reading with her corner.

With all small that is the House is fully functional and is not only intended to be inhabited by a person, but also to receive guests. In the kitchen or dining room table, Depending how you look at it, they fit up to six people and in the kitchen you can prepare lunch or dinner for visits without problem.

The fourth of bathroom is as for the back of the kitchen, It is not visible in the photos, but in the video I’ll show you below. So it is isolated from the rest and have the intimacy that is necessary exclusively in that space.

The storage is also very well organized to that in the House we can save comfortably and practice everything that we need. In such a small place there to better plan before you begin to save things, but the general idea is the same as in larger houses. Handiest place what they use most often and which use less can be left in areas of difficult access.

Surely many of you to see the images as you have guessed that much furniture and kitchen parts, manufactured wood, they are from IKEA. In addition to assume a moderate expenditure are easily customizable, can be cut and adapted to an apartment so small and whimsical such measures, its owner has chosen them.