A Paradisiacal Greek Traditional House on The Island of Tinos

This beautiful house belongs to the Greek interior designer Marilyn Katsaris. It is located on the island of Tinos in Greece, has already been reformed by Greek Zege architects in collaboration with the own Marilyn. As you can imagine is a place of dreams.

Located in a mountain this holiday home with unbeatable views consists of two detached homes which are joined through a scenic viewpoint. This Paradise Greek traditional House on the island of Tinos It has been restored only to be more comfortable.

The maxim of the project was respect the architectural surroundings and take advantage of the simplicity of its architecture, Although simple is of great beauty. Although it may not seem it the living room has 250 square meters.

The environment and its landscape is impressive, look where you look, the views never disappoint. As a curiosity, tell you that all the bathrooms are rock formations, who wanted to leave, to display this simple, field, typical character of this architecture.

As if it were a cave, the walls, door frames and other architectural elements are rounded and rough, There isn’t a single wall smooth and straight. Both its architecture and its surroundings are a picturesque beauty that makes it an idyllic, perfect home for holidays.

It is of a House of 250 sqm, with two houses, the first has three floors and the second only two, full of terraces, windows and viewpoints. Designed to create spaces open and decorated with much simplicity to make it stand out more to own furniture architecture.

And while the whitewashed walls, round and irregular, with a few low ceilings they are used to create cold spaces, in this case the decoration and choice of certain furniture give the space a more welcoming look.

The House is basically decorated in sapwood, mints and lands. The housing base is white, then they added color points to break the monotony, as the bathrooms, each one is a different color.

How we see in the kitchen, a super-bright Smeg refrigerator color Mint it perfectly complements a textured home and Mediterranean, where combined technology with rustic and simple, is the style of the time, the neorustico look.

Barely see cabinets and furniture, everything is white, highlighting a wall badly painted in shades of mint and turquoise, and some furniture antiques from baroque style as the bath in shades of gold, or the rustic wood mirror placed in the soil of one of the bedrooms.

And although there are few furniture, the House is filled with details, as the classical pendant light in the dining room, next to an old table tocinera surrounded by a Bank and simple wooden chairs, on the floor a carpet Persian style in shades pastel, as a beautiful wall mirror frameless.

As you can see Marilyn has chosen a mix of Classic furniture and antiques together with furniture recovereds and lighting that helps create this space so comfortable and unique. The bedroom could include it in the list of most beautiful neorusticos bedrooms.

It reminds me of quite the beautiful agricultural hut transformed into a Mediterranean home with much charm that we saw recently, they are very similar and yet very different, one is refreshed and the other more male which one you like more?