A Remodeled Townhouse in Chelsea… Who La Had!

When I’ve seen the remodeling that has made the Study Archi-Tectonics in this House in Chelsea in New York, it takes me get out of the seat. I am always giving the Tin with the well that is combine super modern and antique design elements and they give us a lecture on how to do.

As you can see this neighborhood of Manhattan is the classic of single family houses narrow and high, of three floors and roof, with a small courtyard behind, what the New Yorkers call townhouses. I imagine that the façade facing the street cannot be touch, since they are all identical and it’s a building from the beginning of the last century, so that the reform has been on the inside and on the façade facing the garden.

The problem of these houses is the shortage of light, with what the client wanted to especially luminosity and the study, by the hand of the architects Winka Dubbeldam, Thomas Barry and P. Randall Collins, has made it possible thanks to the new facade of the garden.

A structure of steel and glass folded with filling of tropical rosewood, a wood dark and hard, yet is easy to saw normally used in luxury joinery and although I must admit that I was unaware of it, also in outside carpentry for their special insulating properties.

Interior design deserves point and apart. The owner of the House is a fashion designer, which clearly has a very refined taste. The mixture of elements of design with antiques and simple lines in the architecture, becomes a House, which could have been cold and impersonal, in a warm and elegant home.

Stairs wood and glass, the dark Woods,wooden floors treated, washed in shades of gray, gray walls and the beautiful library with full of volumes boisserie, as classical as it can be a library of wood which contrasts with the large windows playground, converted into a garden, with an oriental touch (or at least seems it to my) with bamboo and different heights.

The design comes from the hand of the great. In the living room you can see a Chair of the Campana brothers, marketed by It edra, that I always wonder if it will be comfortable, because spectacular is a while, along with stone fireplace and leather-padded bench.

All textiles, including Chair have been sought in neutral tones, to highlight even more details.

And by last but fundamental, the kitchen. This kitchen is to make him a monument. Modern, technological, yet you you could want, including a wonderful window so that all possible light. The dining room integrated into wood, the Island with sink and plenty of space, great spaces, necessary in a place where we spend so much time.

I don’t know who is the House, but I am sure that I love also his designs, because we are soul mates in decoration. Who you think it is House in Chelsea reformed by Archi-Tectonics?