A Scottish Vacation with a Scandinavian Touch

Almost everything that has to do with Nordic-style décor we love, and with this Scottish apartment with a Scandinavian touch are shown, which is a type of decoration very easy to carry out, and to anyone. Whenever you like, clear.

We always like to look at the key elements that make a vacation between us both to the eyes, and we believe that in this case it has been thanks, above all, to the white wooden floors and classic design you populate the entire House.

Already at the entrance welcomes a Nice typographic picture in black and white, that reflects perfectly the style that you will find throughout this Scottish housing. Just below a small stand, perfect for hanging keys and purses, although impractical for jackets.

The lounge is, in our view, the stay where more care has been to decorate and place elements. The absolute protagonist is beautiful grey fabric sofa, that contrasts perfectly with the wall and the floor, both in white.

Among all the decorative elements that we can see, without a doubt we stayed with the small Bookshelf String I can see on the wall. A system of shelves designed nothing less than in 1949, but is now more fashionable that never, and no us strange, truth.

On the side opposite the sofa we found a pleasant reading area, accompanied by a large white sideboard, on which lie a number of elements related to design, as a wall clock or picture with one of the famous phrases of Andy Warhol.

In the continuous bedroom simple and elegant style in black and white, but what has most attracted us attention has been the the dotted black painted headboard wall decor -polka dots call it Anglophones. We felt a great and simple idea to decorate any wall.

In short, a beautiful apartment with lot of Norse influence, that we love it although not us very devoted to the black and white decor. It seems that they have found the perfect balance-based colorful details for not too monotonous results.