A Small Office Converted into a Cozy Apartment in Madrid

However small that always will be a space there are strategies that allow you to take advantage of it. For example the apartment of the photos in this article has not even thirty square meters surface has been created in what was once a small office, but instead has a good height and is the height which has provided the solution.

The creation of the attic in which to put the bedroom provides an extra surface which is of great help when it comes to include all environments that correspond to a home in a tiny space. Kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom, spaces for storage… the study Bériot Bernardini He has succeeded and does not lack detail in this small apartment in Madrid.

The hidden kitchen After a sort of closet doors is very well so that it collapses the space when we are not using it. As incredible as it may seem after open account with everything you need to be perfectly functional, in fact the apartment gives up to have guests for dinner.

The ladder used as storage area It is a classic that we’ve already seen in other small dwellings. Losing the bottom of the stairs is a luxury which cannot be allowed in homes of this size. All holes that can be used to save and organize things should be exploited.