A Versatile Wall to Arrange an Apartment of 60 Sqm

When there is little site is difficult rank well space. Everything is very close and it is difficult to harmonize the different pieces that make up a home. If care is not just having the feeling that you’re watching TV in the kitchen, eating in the living room, working in the bedroom and eating in the bathroom.

The Russian designer Vlad Mishin was faced with this challenge, and met it beautifully with a versatile wall that used to organize an apartment of 60 sqm. Aesthetically I just don’t share the polyhedral shapes that has chosen to give way, but I do love how helps to structure the space.

Thanks to this versatile wall (literally and metaphorically), upon entering the House the only thing we see is a dining room in which one of the walls is a kind of geometric sculpture of wood. Does not seem to have doors that lead to more rooms, no trace of the kitchen or even a television, but are there.

Television, for example, is after the bottom panels, which in turn they provide access to the etc.with. Thanks to an ingenious mechanism and a careful geometry, television panel can be located by looking both towards the living room and bedroom, while the panels on both sides of doors often.

But that is not all, because two folding doors more hide a small kitchen, a small laundry area and also the access to the bathroom, which is located near the entrance gate, as we can see in the drawing below.

At this level we can also see how the bathroom is accessible also from the bedroom, entire something really practical, since otherwise we should go out to the dining room and cross the House to get to the bathroom.

I have not so clear is the need to raise the bed and bath and place stairs that we raise and lower to go from one to the other or even to access the wardrobe.

In the end It still leaves a Hall next to the bed to access the closet behind it, by what unless it had some sort of beam on the floor (somewhat unlikely) I can’t think of a logical reason to make it more maybe try to rank the bedroom through a little integrate bed, so so can act as study also.

In any case, designer has shown a great ingenuity in devising this versatile wall to arrange an apartment of 60 sqm and get that spacious and Nice in which to live is.