Accommodation for Studying in the USA Part II

US student dormitory costs

The cost for a room in the dorm appear at first glance quite high compared to other forms of housing. On average, there are US $ 900-1100 in rental costs per month in addition to the tuition fees in the USA. However, it is hardly possible to make statements about the actual rental costs. They depend, among other things, on the university, the location of the dormitory and the room category.

Living in a dormitory in the USA is usually tied to a meal plan, which is often already included in the rental costs. It enables students to eat free of charge in the university’s dining halls or to use the other catering options on campus – sometimes as often as they want, sometimes a certain number of meals per week is covered by the meal plan.

In addition, students in the dormitory usually do not have to pay any additional costs, such as electricity, gas and water consumption. The costs for using the Internet are also mostly included in the price. The bottom line is that the cost of living in a student residence in the US can be even lower than that of other types of housing.

Advantages and disadvantages of student dormitories as accommodation while studying in the USA

Experience campus life in the USA and experience the incomparable community spirit at an American university – for many international students this is one of the most important reasons for studying in the USA. The best way to get to know all of the facets of campus life is to stay in a student dormitory.

In addition, living in a student dormitory has other advantages. There are also some arguments in favor of other forms of housing and thus against a student residence as accommodation for studying in the USA. Learn more about USA and North America on computerannals.

Advantages Disadvantage
Greater planning security, as accommodation can be organized before starting your studies Less privacy than in a shared apartment or your own apartment
Faster establishment of social contacts and thus easier entry High demand requires early application
Good equipment: Most of the dormitories not only offer washing machines and dryers, but also in-house leisure rooms such as billiard rooms and fitness studios or computer rooms. Lots of rules of conduct and regulations: In the US, alcohol is not allowed on campus. In general, the legal ban on alcohol applies up to the age of 21 years.
Best possible use of the services offered by the universities Relatively high rental costs
More flexibility in spending free time, as students are “right in the middle of the action” Often no short-term rental contracts possible (less than one academic year)
Often resident assistants as permanent contact persons for the residents of the student dormitory Sometimes rooms are not rented out during the semester break
Usually no self-sufficiency is necessary due to a meal plan
Mostly fully furnished rooms so that there are no costs for furniture
High security, as many universities in the USA have an extra security service for the dormitories

Accommodation in an apartment or shared flat in the USA

Although student dormitories are widespread in the US, there are also universities without their own dormitories. In addition, some students prefer to live alone because they are so independent.

In the US, private apartments are often rented unfurnished. Purchasing furniture is usually not worthwhile, especially for semester stays, due to the foreseeable period of time. Therefore, many international students are looking for a room in a shared apartment. In addition, only a few landlords are willing to rent apartments for shorter rental periods (short term). Typically, leases in the US are for one year.

For a Bachelor’s, Master’s or MBA degree in the USA, on the other hand, it can be worthwhile to move into an apartment. Small apartments can be found in the USA under the keywords studios, bachelor apartments or efficiency (apartments). These are usually 1-room apartments with a bathroom, in which the living, sleeping and cooking areas are in one room. Studios are often a bit larger than Efficiency Apartments and some have a separate kitchen.

Possible contact points when looking for accommodation in the USA

If you are looking for an apartment or flat share in the USA on your own, it can be more difficult at the beginning of your studies. Many students only start looking for an apartment on site and initially look for a place to stay in a hotel, hostel or guesthouse in the USA. Internet portals such as Airbnb can be used to research accommodation for the transition from home. Local hosts offer individual rooms or apartments there for a limited period of time.

Many colleges and universities in the US are helping international students find private accommodation to study in the US. Some universities provide students with lists of available apartments near the campus. Others post current apartment offers and advertisements for free rooms in a shared apartment on the notice board.

In addition, many students use the free internet platform when looking for accommodation in the USA. Here students not only find vacant apartments and rooms in shared flats, but can also purchase furniture and used cars. In addition, helpful tips can often be found in the numerous field reports on studying in the USA, which were written by former exchange students.

Basically, it is advisable to look at apartments or rooms in a shared apartment in the USA and only sign the rental agreement on site. Under no circumstances should students agree to transfer deposit payments or the first month’s rent in advance. In addition, rental agreements should be read carefully. Some universities offer support.

Accommodation for Studying in the USA Part II