Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles: Innovative Ideas for an Extraordinary Bathroom


If you are building a house yourself or renovating your apartment from the ground up, you have complete freedom of design when choosing your bathroom tiles – and so many possibilities! This article will give you lots of ideas on how to arrange and combine your bathroom tiles. But even with little time, money and effort, you can achieve a great effect: We’ll tell you how you can simply paint or glue over your bathroom tiles and give you the right color tips. Also see wall clocks for bathroom.

First things first: clean bathroom tiles properly

For the following steps you need clean, grease-free tiles. Water splashes and grease residue will dull tiles over time, losing their color and shine. In everyday life, an all-purpose cleaner is sufficient to clean the tiles. Simply wipe the tiles clean with a microfiber cloth.

If, on the other hand, limescale has settled, you should clean your tiles by mixing vinegar with lukewarm water and applying it. Rinse this mixture afterwards with plenty of clear water. But be careful: vinegar can dissolve the grout. So save the joints.

Tip: Avoid cleaning products that contain care additives. These are deposited on the tiles and make them dull and slippery.

Bathroom Tiles

Painting bathroom tiles: make new from old

Painting the walls is not a problem for most creative people. However, not everyone knows that there are special tile colors. It’s not difficult at all to give your bathroom a completely new coat of paint. A note, however: tile paint cannot be removed so easily. If you live in a rented apartment, you should get your landlord’s permission first.

Before you can paint your bathroom tiles, they need to be cleaned as described above. In order for the paint to adhere well, you have to sand the tiles afterwards. Use fine sandpaper or a special tile pre-treatment, which you rinse off after a short exposure time.

Then you can paint your bathroom tiles: this process differs depending on the type of bathroom paint. Therefore, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You usually have to paint bathroom tiles twice to really cover the paint – especially if the color was previously very dark. For floor tiles, it is advisable to finally cover them with clear varnish so that the paint does not flake off despite daily wear and tear.

Even easier: simply stick over the bathroom tiles

It is less time-consuming to stick over the bathroom tiles. As with the tile colors, you have countless colors and designs available that look almost as real as the actual tiles. How about bathroom tiles with a wood look, for example? Or with mosaic tiles with a floral or metal design? The offer is now so large that you can realize (almost) any idea.

Before you tape over your bathroom tiles, you should clean them thoroughly. Then wet them with a mixture of water and a drop of dish soap. This will prevent air bubbles from forming under the stickers. Now all you have to do is attach the stickers and press firmly – done!

Creative ideas for your bathroom tiles

What you like is allowed. Basically, however, the following applies: For a small bathroom, choose light tile stickers or colors and for a large one, you should also choose slightly darker ones. It looks particularly beautiful when your bathroom tiles harmonize with the rest of your bathroom furniture – such as the mirror cabinet or the bathroom shelves . You can be inspired by the following tips:

  • Natural bathroom: bathroom tiles with a wood look, pastel-colored textiles, a rattan laundry basket and a white mirrored cabinet – this combination results in a wonderfully natural look that is even cozier with candlelight.
  • Modern Bathroom: Grey, black and white are a modern bathroom combo. For example, choose your bathroom tiles in gray, add occasional black tile stickers and rely on white furniture and several mirrors. It couldn’t be more elegant!
  • Harmonious colors: Decide on two tones of the same color and create patterns such as stripes, diagonals or cross patterns with your bathroom tiles. A light and a dark blue complement each other very well, orange and yellow are suitable for a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Eye – catching accents: A single red tile in a predominantly white room is eye-catching and exotic. Violet is also an unusual, luxurious living room color for the bathroom.

Finished? Then now is the time to bring the right order to your bathroom – we hope you enjoy it!

Bathroom Tiles