Bed Headboards | What Is the Best for My Room?

A legacy of antiquity, the headboard of the bed became an important item in the decoration of the room. For the greeks, for example, the bed served as a place that, in addition to sleep, it served also to dine and socialize, until the headwaters were becoming more and more luxurious and decorated. Not for nothing, William Shakespeare left his bed for the wife in his testament – a much more precious than we can imagine!

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Can be made-to-measure or in standard sizes standardized, and everything will depend on how big is your space. Experts indicate that a height of 50 to 80cm is visually harmonic (when the cabaceira is low), however, they can be more high and more narrow, depending on the room.


When there is not a lot of width on the wall where the bed is inserted, it is indicated to use a head low, and cover the entire width of the wall to give greater feeling of spaciousness.


If the room has dimensions proportional, the ideal is to use a bed head medium, that do not cover neither the whole width and not all the time.

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To give the feeling of a right foot higher can be worked into the headwaters up to the ceiling. Another way to “enlarge” the time is covering with wallpaper or painting the wall where is the bed a different color from the others, preferably in darker shades.


There are many models, sizes and materials that are available to fulfill this function. We brought some ideas and inspirations for you to choose the ideal type for your dorm.

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