Box spring beds experiences - questions and answers 2

Box spring beds experiences – questions and answers Part 1


The range of box spring beds is huge. Those who consider buying one are accordingly at a loss. Those who don’t have anyone with box spring experience in their circle of acquaintances are often left with a rather disoriented mistake from one offer to another. We have tried to answer the most important questions relating to box spring beds and to make the opaque jungle of supply a little lighter.

Are box spring beds generally better than normal beds with slatted frames and mattresses?

Depending on the quality, box spring beds are ergonomically very recommendable and most people sleep more relaxed in a box spring bed than in a normal bed. However, the slightly springy feeling that is typical of box spring beds is not for everyone. Even with a very high body weight, a box spring bed quickly reaches its limits.

How to find out whether a box spring bed is an option for you:

  • ✓Your body weight is a maximum of 180 kg.
  • ✓You want an adapted, pressure-relieving feeling of lying down.
  • ✓You don’t mind if the bed bounces slightly when you turn it over.
  • ✓You prefer a high bed height of 50 cm and more.
  • ✓You currently have a water bed or a normal mattress / slatted frame combination
    and often have back or shoulder pain in the morning.

Do you always lie very softly in a box spring bed?

Box spring systems can be very different in terms of softness. They differ in the number and wire thickness of the springs in the box and mattress. The higher the number of springs and the thicker the wire, the stronger the bed system. In addition, the level of hardness and toppers of different softness can be used to adjust the feeling of lying down. You don’t necessarily lie softer on a box spring bed. However, due to the high point adaptability of the entire lying system, a box spring bed is often perceived as softer compared to a mattress.

Do you sweat more in a box spring bed than in a normal bed?

Box spring beds are generally no more warming than other bed solutions. If someone has the feeling of “stewing in their own juice”, this is usually due to the fact that their box spring bed has an unsuitable topper.

As the only component of the box spring system, toppers have direct body contact with the sleeper. They are available in a wide variety of materials – mostly foams. If the topper foam has an open-pored structure, sufficient ventilation and good moisture transport are ensured. People who sweat a lot should not choose a topper (also applies to normal mattresses) made of viscose foam or latex, as these materials have an insulating effect and can therefore cause heat and moisture to build up. If you sweat heavily at night, we recommend a cold foam or mesh topper for your box spring bed.

Are box spring beds less ventilated than normal beds and therefore mold faster?

A (real) box spring bed consists – as the name suggests – of a box with springs and an overlying pocket spring mattress. Spring cores are generally very well ventilated due to the large cavities within and between the individual springs. The box is usually not flush with the floor, but stands on feet that allow a permanent air supply from below. The box itself is not closed from below – the spring core is usually supported by individual slats (similar to a slatted frame).

If the mattresses are turned and turned regularly and you ventilate your bedroom every day, the risk of mold is averted and in no way greater than with a normal bed.

How long will my box spring bed last?

As with a normal mattress, a box spring mattress has reached the end of its life after approx. 10 years and should be replaced. The same applies to the topper.

This tells you that box spring components should be replaced:

Ergonomically no longer recommended:

  • ✓There are clear recesses in the box, mattress or topper.
  • ✓ Themattress and / or topper are more than 10 years old.

Hygienically questionable:

  • ✓You sleep without a topper on the box spring mattress that is 5 years or older and
    the cover of which is not washable.
  • ✓The topper core is dirty and / or the topper is around 5 years old and the
    cover cannot be removed. (If the cover is removable: some shops also offer replacement covers for sale.)

How do I find out whether a box spring bed is of good quality?

Not every bed called a box spring bed is actually one. A real box spring bed always has the characteristic box spring structure with a spring box, innerspring mattress and topper. The first trap is already lurking here: Many supposed box spring beds do not have a spring box, but only have a frame without internal suspension as a substructure. Also read the small print of the bed description and find out exactly how your preferred box spring model is constructed.

Unfortunately, many (cheap) providers often do not provide any information about the number of springs used in the box and mattress, which is also a quality criterion. The Bonell or pocket spring mattress with a size of 90x200cm should contain at least between 200 (light people) and 1000 springs (heavy people), otherwise it can very quickly lead to material fatigue and the formation of hollows.

You should also look carefully at the topper. The quality of the foams used can be determined by the material and its density. If no information is given here, it is better to keep your hands off this offer. In general: PU foam is inferior to, for example, cold (at least RG 35) or visco foam (at least RG 50).

Box spring beds experiences - questions and answers 2