Casas Prefabricadas Pret a Porter, Lists in Four Months

When we think of prefabricated houses, there are still many people who believe in the typical wooden modules to install in a lust in the middle of the garden. Today Luckily, this type of housing have evolved much and present a wide and attractive range of design houses that have nothing to envy to other types of housing. A good example is the signature of prefabricated houses-Pret a Porter.

A company that advocates new ways of building and being able to build your home in just four months with excellent and finished fast high quality designs. Their homes, designed by prestigious architects, are fully customizable for each family, since they can choose distributions, the facades, the cover and the rest of finishes. In addition, they are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability criteria.

The name of the company, prêt à Porter, is a declaration of intentions. Literally, pret a Porter means ‘ready to wear’, and in the case of prefabricated, since this company houses they have tried to create a product of author available to the general public, with houses comfortable, sustainable, innovative and above all, functional and cost effective.

Pret-a-Porter has today two lines of design of prefabricated houses. The first, the Vintage line, It is clearly inspired by classical architecture, and is perfect for rural environments, thanks to its sloping roofs and finishes that give it a more classical touch.

On the other hand, models of the line helmet they have more contemporary designs and feature finishes, materials and colors that fit perfectly into the daily lives of the addicted to design and modernity. More compact design, houses of straight lines and simple shapes that play with the volumes and modules to give the touch of art.