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Education in Angola

Angola Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Angola CAPITAL CITY: Luanda POPULATION: 24,300,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 1,246,700 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Portuguese, Bantu and Khoisan languages RELIGION: natives religions 47%, Catholics 38%, Protestants 15% CURRENCY: kwanza CURRENCY CODE: AOK ENGLISH NAME: Angola INDEPENDENCE: 1975 POPULATION COMPOSITION:…
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Education in Benin

Benin Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Benin CAPITAL CITY: Porto Novo POPULATION: 10,200,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 112,600 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French, fon, yoruba, etc. RELIGION: peoples religions 62%, Christians 23%, Muslims 12%, others 3% CURRENCY: CFA CURRENCY CODE: XOF ENGLISH NAME: benin INDEPENDENCE: 1960…
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Education in Botswana

Botswana Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Botswana CAPITAL CITY: Gaborone POPULATION: 2,100,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 566,730 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: English, setswana and other Bantu languages ​​as well as Khoisans RELIGION: naturalist religions 55%, Protestants 14%, Catholics, 3%, other Christians 28% CURRENCY: pula CURRENCY CODE:…
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Education in Burundi

Burundi Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Burundi CAPITAL CITY: Bujumbura POPULATION: 10,700,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 25,680 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: rundi, French, Swahili RELIGION: Catholics 65%, natives religions 19%, Muslims 2%, Protestants 14% CURRENCY: Burundi-Franc CURRENCY CODE: BIF ENGLISH NAME: burundi INDEPENDENCE: 1962 POPULATION COMPOSITION:…
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Education in Cape Verde

Cape Verde Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Cabo Verde CAPITAL CITY: Praia POPULATION: 538,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 4,033 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Portuguese, kriolu kabuverdianu (Creole Portuguese) RELIGION: Catholics 96%, Protestants 2%, others 2% CURRENCY: escudo CURRENCY CODE: CVE ENGLISH NAME: Cape Verde INDEPENDENCE:…
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Education in Gabon

Gabon Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Gabonaise CAPITAL CITY: Libreville POPULATION: 1,670,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 267,667 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French, fang and approximately 40 other bantu languages RELIGION: Catholics 50%, Protestants 18%, other Christians 12%, natives religions 19%, Muslims 1% CURRENCY: CFA…
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Education in Ghana

Ghana Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Ghana CAPITAL CITY: Accra POPULATION: 25,760,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 238,500 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: English, akan, ewe and approximately 50 other Nigerian-Kordofan languages RELIGION: natives religions 8.5%, Muslims 15.9%, Christians 68.8%, others 0.7% CURRENCY: cedi CURRENCY CODE: GHC ENGLISH…
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Education in Kenya

Kenya Education

Kenya – education Kenya education Since the country became independent, several reforms have been implemented in the original English language education system. Common themes have been schooling for all as well as updating the content of the teaching. Despite strong…
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Education in Libya

Libya Education

Libya – education The school system in Libya is free and apart from Koranic schools public with compulsory schooling for 6-15 year olds. Teaching takes place mainly in gender-segregated classes. Curricula are designed centrally, and special emphasis is placed on…
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Education in Mali

Mali Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Mali CAPITAL CITY: Bamako POPULATION: 17,000,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 1,250,000 km² OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: French, Bambara, Fulani, Malinke, Songhai, others RELIGION: Muslims 83%, natives religions 15%, Christians 2% CURRENCY: CFA franc CURRENCY CODE: XOF ENGLISH NAME: mali…
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