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Japan Society

Japan Society

Japan is a highly advanced and modern society, with a rich culture that has developed over centuries. The country boasts one of the world’s most successful economies and is home to some of the world’s leading companies. Additionally, Japan is…
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Education in Armenia

Armenia Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Hayastan CAPITAL CITY: Yerevan POPULATION: 2,980,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 28,200 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian RELIGION: Armenian Christians 90%, others 10% COIN: dram CURRENCY CODE: AMD ENGLISH NAME: Armenia INDEPENDENCE: 1991 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Armenians 90%, Azerbaijani…
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Education in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Azerbaijan Republic CAPITAL CITY: Baku POPULATION: 7,960,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 82,600 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Azerbaijani, Russian, Armenian RELIGION: Muslims 93%, Russian Orthodox 3%, Armenian Christians 2%, others 2% COIN: manat CURRENCY CODE: AZM ENGLISH NAME: Azerbaijan INDEPENDENCE:…
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Education in Bahrain

Bahrain Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Al Bahrayn CAPITAL CITY: al-Manama POPULATION: 726,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 688 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu RELIGION: Shia Muslims 70%, Sunni Muslims 25%, Others 5% COIN: bahraini dinar CURRENCY CODE: BHD ENGLISH NAME: State of…
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Education in Bhutan

Bhutan Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Press Yul (‘Use yul’ Land of Thunder ‘) CAPITAL CITY: Thimphu POPULATION: 700,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 38,394 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): dzongka, Tibetan, Nepali, English RELIGION: Buddhists 75%, Hindus 25% COIN: ngultrum CURRENCY CODE: BTN ENGLISH NAME: Bhutan…
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Education in Myanmar

Burma Education

Burma (Education) After independence in 1948, a five-year compulsory primary school was introduced. The primary school is followed by a four-year middle school completed with a two-year superstructure. With approximately 4% of a cohort complete higher education. After the military…
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Education in Cambodia

Cambodia Education

OFFICIAL NAME: Kampuchea CAPITAL CITY: Phnom Penh POPULATION: 13,900,000 (Source: COUNTRYaah) AREA: 177,000 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): khmer RELIGION: Buddhists 95%, others 5% COIN: riel CURRENCY CODE: KHR ENGLISH NAME: Cambodia INDEPENDENCE: 9/11/1953 (by France) POPULATION COMPOSITION: Khmer 89%, Vietnamese…
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Education in China

China Education

China – education Education in China is a unique blend of classical Chinese tradition, Marxism and modernization. The tradition is ideologically personified in King Fuzi; the Chinese examination system, which was fully developed as early as the 600’s, was thus…
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Education in India

India Education

India – Education The school system consists of a five-year primary school and a five-year superstructure. According to the Constitution, the state is obliged to provide free and compulsory schooling up to and including the 14th year. The superstructure part…
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Education in Iran

Iran Education

Iran – education The school system, based on Islamic traditions, is public and includes a five-year primary school followed by a three-year guidance and orientation stage; tuition at these stages is free. The subsequent four-year postgraduate education is divided into…
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Education in Israel

Israel Education

Israel – education Israel’s character as an immigration country presents the education system with a difficult task of integration, as Hebrew, which is the language of instruction, is not immediately mastered by the many new immigrants. With its normative obligations,…
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Education in Japan

Japan Education

Japan – education The general goals of the Japanese education system since 1947 have been to develop the individual’s personality, which is especially sought to be achieved through special moral education. The Japanese education system is characterized by a stricter…
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Education in Laos

Laos Education

Laos – education The public school system includes a five-year compulsory primary school, which is characterized by dropouts and socializing. approximately 33% of the population, most of them women, are illiterate (1996). After primary school, postgraduate education follows in two…
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