“Currently – Twelve III” Fashion Week Berlin Daily – Goes Into The Last Round

It hurts a little bit with if heart projects are no longer save: so much love, sweat and sleepless nights appear but for nothing at the end, although they did once great – the Printwelt it has not easily and yet we would waste not really many thought, too, we love the printed word.

Is a project which we now must say goodbye, currently – fashion week Berlin daily – calendar. With issue TWELVE III, and after seven seasons and a total of three years, stop, is now out and past – wiesoweshalbwarum, we can only guess. Who in the future dedicated to the new faces of the model industry and the exciting designers of the Berlin scene, remains uncertain for the time being at least.

However you can strike once again and limited to 800 copies, Edition “twelve III” snag starting on January 16. Jonas Lindström, who already fashion show has impressed me with his videos for dazed & confused at my work for the University of the arts in the past year is responsible for the composition is wonderful by the way this time. 32 pages, solid papers, 12 impressive faces and unusual creations of the best fashion designers:

Including: Issever Bahri, Perret Schaad, Martin Niklas Wieser, Blaenk, waterpolo DSTM, Nicole Mahrenholz, eight country blame.

NELE (place) wearing Issever Bahri
ESTHER HEESCH (modelwerk) wearing mahrenholz

Issue 3 deals with the natural beauty of youth and presents “the finest” German fashion design. After the success of 2011 and 2012, we are sure that also issue 3 will not disappoint us!

And here you will find your current focal points:

Adidas SLVR flagship store (Mulackstrasse 31 / 32, 10119 Berlin) Voo (Oranienstrasse 24, 10999 Berlin), Colette in Paris 10corsocomo in Milan anger in Tokyo Dover Street market in London.

art direction & set: Manuel Schibli
photography: Jonas Lindström
styling: Sebastiano Ragusa
hair & makeup. Manuela Kopp, Anna Neugebauer, Anna Czilinsky
production: malice Berlin, Alice Kuhn & Manuel Schibli
the production and the print of the 2013 TWELVE calendar is proudly supported by adidas SLVR.