Curtains, Carpets and Rugs – See How to Clean Them Correctly

They decorate our home and leave the environment much more cozy, but when they are dirty and dusty become a problem, especially for allergy on duty.

Curtains, Carpets and Rugs – See How to Clean Them Correctly

Now let’s get one thing together? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to clean them, and it’s precisely in those hours that those household tricks look good!

Discover some efficient and practical solutions for cleaning and maintaining dust-free, clean curtains, carpets and carpets.

It’s always good to have a vacuum cleaner at home.

The broom, the damp cloth and the cleaning products do not handle everything on their own. The day-to-day natural dust ends up being accumulated in objects whose materials are harder to clean, such as sofas, mattresses, curtains, fabric blinds, cushions, carpets and rugs. To remove dust from your home, nothing more indicated than a vacuum cleaner. Nowadays it is possible to find the appliance with more affordable prices and even portable models, slim (thin), with rechargeable battery.

Whatever the model or size, if you have curtains, carpets and rugs at home, it is good to also have a vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean the Curtains

[sam_zone id = “3” codes = “true”] There is no mystery, no difficulty. You just need to vacuum the vacuum cleaner every 15 days, and wash them at least 2 times a year.

But attention to detail: Before washing the curtain, it is advisable to let it soak for 1 day, and within this period water must be changed three times. It is important that the first water exchange only happens after 20 minutes to prevent accumulated dirt from staining the fabric. After the sauce period (1 day), wash it normally. If using a washing machine, choose the washing program indicated for delicate parts, so as not to damage your curtain.

Blinds: This process does not apply to fabric blinds, as they can only be washed by skilled professionals. In the case of PVC, wood and aluminum blinds, the cleaning is even more practical, just wipe a dry cloth on both sides of each blade, and that’s it.

How to Clean Carpets

If the environment is not very busy, dust extraction can only be done once a week. On the day you vacuum it, also use to wipe a cloth moistened with vinegar, which is an acid solution, and let it dry naturally.

No exaggeration! Do not wipe very moistened cloths on the carpet, as this will certainly cause bad smell and even the proliferation of fungi . Also do not rub the carpet with force, as this could wear and stain the material.

How to Clean Rugs

In the case of carpets, there is no cakewalk: aspiration should be done every day. The same process of cleaning the carpets with a damp cloth of vinegar can be applied to the carpets.

More aggressive dirt: Sometimes the pet makes dirt where it does not, or we end up knocking something on the carpet ourselves. If this happens you need to act fast, but no panic! Do not go scrubbing the rug. If the dirt is liquid, take a clean cloth and try to absorb it. If it is solid, pick up the material by hand or a spoon. Then, to clean up the remainder, dilute two or three drops of neutral detergent (depending on the size of the stain) in a bowl of water, moisten a clean cloth and remove the remaining one. Let it dry naturally.

Professional cleaning

Domestic cleaning can keep curtains, carpets and rugs really free from everyday dust and grime. But micro-organisms and dust mites are not totally removed as easily. You need to undergo a thorough cleaning, which only specialized companies can perform. Therefore, it is advisable that they undergo a professional cleaning at least 2 times a year.

With specific equipment, the companies perform the cleaning as follows: First extract all the dirt from the fabrics; then apply a detergent with microbicides and anti-odors on all the material; then rinse, and finally extract all the water from the rinse, so that the material is completely dry, without dirt and microorganisms.