Custom Napkins: New Spice Line

Custom Napkins are always a charm aside, at weddings, for example, is one of the notable details in the decoration during the dinner. Is also considered a featured item at dinner parties important because the Custom Napkins give a touch of sophistication and refinement to any simple ceremony that she and what’s being served is. So, you want to impress? Bet us Custom Napkins! And this our new release comes to brighten any table decoration!

Custom Napkins New Spice Line

Line Spices

There are six units of custom napkins on line Spices, prepared with all the delicacy of the ramie fabric and embroidered with all six of the main spices of our cuisine: Mint, basil, Rosemary, oregano, coriander and Bay leaves. And they still come packed in a beautiful box!

The custom guaranapos are able to leave the far more elegant and special meals, impress your guests, or prepare a dinner by candlelight and bet in personalized napkins to surprise someone special, how about?

History of the Napkin

Some people assign the creation of the napkin to the greatest creative minds in the world, Leonardo da Vinci because he commented on one of his books on a cloth where people clean up after meals, but there are references to the napkin long before that, in the middle ages already commented a cloth that was distributed to the people before them sit , where the men were on the shoulders and women in my lap, of course, far more archaic and unlike custom napkins that we have today. With the passage of time, the napkin was becoming an item essential to the table.

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