Decorating Ideas for Creatively Designed Rooms

Decorating your own apartment can be a lot of fun, but it also needs to be carefully planned – otherwise the result will quickly look overloaded or too colourful. But if you keep a few basics in mind, it’s pretty easy. That’s exactly what you get in this article – together with concrete decoration ideas for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

You should keep this in mind when decorating your home

The right decoration makes your home more attractive and should support the purpose of the room. Therefore, ask yourself beforehand how you want to use the area in question and adjust your decoration ideas accordingly. For example, elements that symbolize departure or a thirst for action are not suitable for the bedroom. Symbols and colors that have a decelerating effect fit better. So it makes sense to think through each room beforehand.

Creatively Designed Rooms

Of course, the decoration should also match the furnishings. Try looking at your previous furnishing concept objectively: did you set it up in a modern way or was it more comfortable? Does your home appear cool and tidy or creatively chaotic? Record your results so that your decoration of the apartment does not create any contradictions in the furnishing concept.

The structural conditions are also important. Would you also like to use the spaces under stairs with your decoration ideas or beautify sloping ceilings? What masonry is there? What changes are you allowed to make – for example in a rented apartment? The building itself should also be in line with the decoration ideas: if you decorate a very modern house with elements from the country house style , it might not look authentic. But maybe this contradiction is what you want for your apartment.

Beautiful decorating ideas for the living room

The living room is mostly about relaxation, but also about creativity and often about new projects. This can also be reflected in the matching living room colors. You can also choose textiles in matching colors: the curtains on the windows, cushions on the sofa and tablecloths on the dining table.

Large pictures on the walls create the right mood – photo wallpapers are also well suited. Thanks to decorative floor lamps, you can read comfortably in every corner. Perhaps you would like to have your favorite tea set within reach and place it decoratively in advance? Plants should not be missing, especially in the living room: Large palm trees in front of a photo wallpaper with a Caribbean motif create a completely different effect than many small cacti surrounded by African furnishings. Still not enough? Then look forward to more decorating ideas for your living room .

Relaxing bedroom decorating ideas

Rest, relaxation and falling asleep in the evening – these should be the goals of your decoration in the bedroom. You can achieve a lot with textiles: curtains made of translucent linen let gently filtered light into the room and a fluffy carpet in front of the bed prevents cold feet before going to bed. Plenty of pillows and blankets make the bedroom really cozy.

You can also work with pictures in the bedroom, but they should be more subtle than in the living room. A single large picture with a calming subject looks nice draped over the bed, while multiple small pictures in frames of the same color are also relaxing. How about a comfortable reading chair and a small table? By the way: Mobiles above the bed are not only for small children. How about floating seagulls, gently circling above you as you fall asleep?

Tip: Do you use an alarm clock? It can also be a great decoration idea in your bedroom: old-fashioned (to match the shabby chic style ) or huge and color-coordinated with your walls, for example. Also see big wall clocks.

Decorating ideas for bathrooms and kitchens

You can achieve great effects with self-designed tiles in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. Postcards with motivating quotes or small magnets for the refrigerator and heater are also lovely decorative elements for both rooms.

In the bathroom, you can match your decoration ideas to the textiles: towels, bath mats, etc. look particularly harmonious tone on tone. Toothbrush cups, soap dispensers and the like should also be colour-coordinated. A few potted plants and a laundry basket made from natural materials such as rattan go well with it. Candles contribute to relaxing or romantic moments – preferably in decorative candle holders.

In the kitchen you can present your spices in an aesthetic way, for example with a wooden spice rack and hanging pots in which fresh herbs grow. Pot holders and tea towels in the same color have an impact on the entire kitchen. Glazed clay bowls for fruit and vegetables also look beautiful. Maybe you even buy tableware in the same style?

Decorating Ideas for Creatively Designed Rooms