Decoration with Copper

Especially in the cold season – but actually all year round – we want comfort and coziness in our home. The magic word for this is: copper! Because decorations made of this shiny material go with any furnishing style. It doesn’t matter what colors and furniture you’ve opted for so far: you can create a warm, cozy atmosphere with decorations made of copper. To see modern hard foam pictures, please check necessaryhome.

Combine copper decoration correctly

The good news: Copper fits almost everywhere and everywhere. It can be combined with any colour, complements any furnishing style and even looks good in a metal mix with gold and silver. The only thing you should keep in mind is that “less is more” so that the result doesn’t look overloaded.

You can combine copper decorations with natural materials particularly effectively: wooden chests of drawers with copper bowls or vases, stone walls with copper picture frames, rattan furniture with large copper flower pots. The glass table in the living room also looks even more elegant with copper decoration. But like I said, don’t let that limit you.

Decoration with Copper

Copper of all colors

Sure, copper is a color in itself – but copper decoration comes in all possible shades, so you can choose exactly the ones that suit your living concept. Dusty rose copper decor for your living room with a sofa in the same color? Turquoise-colored copper for the candle holders in the blue-painted bedroom? No problem.

Modern color combinations for furnishings in gray and white or black and white can also be perfectly complemented with copper elements. They are unobtrusive and yet catch the eye – a shiny eye-catcher that your guests will also love.

Light magic with copper

Copper appears to glow from within, reflecting the light in a warm, inviting way. No wonder, then, that lamps made of copper are also very trendy. The glossy surfaces make rooms look brighter and are wonderfully subtle at the same time. Ceiling lamps and elegant copper floor lamps fit perfectly in the kitchen or living room.

You can also create light magic with decorations made of copper: Filigree tea light holders or elegant candle holders look noble in themselves, but above all they spread the flickering glow of the candles.

Copper in combination with indoor plants

Indoor plants improve the room climate, bring a piece of nature into your home and simply look good at the same time. Emphasize the green even more with copper flower pots. The matching copper watering can also becomes a decoration in the living room. If you already have all the pots and don’t want to replace them, have them wrapped in copper wire – that way you can capture at least some of the shine.

By the way: Hanging copper plant pots are also a real eye-catcher as decoration in the bathroom and kitchen.

Exciting ideas for your copper decoration

Now that you know the basics, these additional tips will help you make small changes to bring the warmth and shine of copper into your home.

  • Keep things tidy with copper decorations: Filigree paper baskets are made from fine copper mesh, which even make your paper waste look elegant. Keep your desk tidy with copper baskets or bowls, and magazines can be stored in a copper magazine holder.
  • Copper decoration for the wall: Narrow picture frames made of copper look elegant in a discreet way and go well with white walls. But there are also wall decorations made of copper, such as dream catchers made of copper wire, which go perfectly with a Feng Shui interior . Narrow wall shelves underline the delicacy of the copper decoration.
  • Copper decorations for the kitchen: Copper cookware such as ladles and spatulas look really cozy, especially in combination with wooden furniture. Do you grow your own spices? Then these would certainly look pretty in little copper pots. Wine glasses, bowls and mugs made of copper even bring a little medieval feeling with them.
  • Copper decorations in the bathroom: Toothbrush cups, soap dispensers, soap dishes, mirror frames – you have many options for placing copper decorations in the bathroom. Pastel-colored textiles go particularly well with this, such as towels, bath mats or the shower curtain.

Our tip: Copper decoration and mirrors complement each other perfectly, as mirrors reflect the shimmering surfaces, making them appear even shinier. Let yourself be inspired by our tips for furnishing with mirrors .

Decoration with Copper